Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kill Whitey!

A cluster of liberal flatliners having a "Kill Whitey" parade in San Fransicko. Such nonsense makes liberals feel momentarily better about their shallow and aimless lives. Yes, there are many of this sort, projecting their own self-loathing on to all white people; and strewn like so much human rubbish across the American and European landscapes. They practically beg for a full clip to be downloaded into their heads by felony minded negroes.


  1. Felony minded negroes? Flat-liner liberals?
    Do you actually know what the parade is about, did you happen to attend?
    Perhaps you should so some more research before you take one event and use it to make generalizations about a group of people; or in this case, two groups of people- "liberal flat-liners" and "felony minded negroes."
    For centuries people have used comedy to bring serious issues to light, the jester was the only person who could tell the truth to the king- because he made it funny.
    Racism is a serious problem in many communities and between many races. Perhaps that is all they were trying to get people to think about, you see white people with signs that say "kill whitey" and think "what the..." and then hopefully it will hit you just how ridiculous racism is.
    Have you met all of the liberals and african americans in this country? No. So why don't you try to take a minute to get to know them before you judge and spread negative messages. It seems your narrow minded negativity is prohibiting you from gaining insight into your experiences, and that is very unfortunate.

  2. Please, petal.... I know a lot of and about liberals... and blacks. The knuckleheads in the pic are self loathing liberal types. And liberals have a bad habit of projecting their own inadequacies on to the white race. I can go on for a long time in this regard; but stay tuned, I plan on posting quite a bit on this matter.