Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This just in from the American Family Association - a Christian group espousing conservative views: Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN is an elite research university with an emphasis on the medical sciences. If you visit their web site they blather on about the usual, politically correct, Masonic ideals: "...equality, compassion, and excellence in all endeavors...." Secretly, of course, its leaders are anti-Christians who're counting the minutes till they can open the gates for the lions again.

Most universities and all state universities are besides themselves in their love of things homosexual - and forced acceptance of this perversion is now in full stride in academia. Vanderbilt is just one of many examples I could point to. Homosexualism always insinuates itself under the banner of "equal rights" - which invariably become articles of coercion once the courts start making their rulings.

Yet, even after 80 years of non-stop liberal propaganda most people are still able to recognize homosexuality for the aberration it is, forcing the plutocrats to ramp up their efforts to impose it on us by diktat. Ain't democracy great!

"A nation of sheep gets a government of wolves."


"Vanderbilt University has placed four Christian student groups on "provisional status" after a university review found them to be in non-compliance with the school's nondiscrimination policy. If they remain in non-compliance, the student Christian groups risk being shut down.

"Vanderbilt says the student organizations cannot require that leaders share the Christian groups' beliefs, goals and values. Carried to its full extent, it means an atheist could lead a Christian group, a man a woman's group, a Jew a Muslim group or vice versa.

"Last year, an openly gay undergrad at Vanderbilt complained he was kicked out of a Christian fraternity. As a result, the school took action against five religious groups and said they violated Vanderbilt's nondiscrimination policy. All were placed on provisional status.

"Among the groups threatened with shut down is the Christian Legal Society because "Each officer is expected to lead Bible studies, prayer and worship at chapter meetings." CLS President Justin Gunter said, "We come together to do things that Christians do together. Pray, and have Bible studies."

"The school says, however, that if the Christian club requires leaders to be a Christian and espouse Christianity, it can be shut down."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

911: the lie that will not die

The direction from which the US government says Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, after striking the light poles. Compare this to the Black box data (video below) and what the witnesses reported in the Vimeo video. Not only does the initial damage to the facade not match the plane (as seen above), but also the "angle of attack" is wrong. Someone is lying... BIG-time!

Quite possibly a smaller, unmanned aerial vehicle or cruise missile was on a parallel course, slightly behind the commercial aircraft that witnesses were busy watching, or maybe a previously positioned explosive was detonated at the precise moment. I know that sounds crazy, but it is easily within the realm of current technology to have done precisely that.

Flight 77 Black Box data released from the NTSB shows it could not have struck light poles or the Pentagon because it was on a different path and 480′ too high (and data just happens to end 1 second before supposed "impact"). The NTSB refuses to answer any questions about these discrepancies. This means: The data was falsified or 2) something else happened that day. Go here: Pilots for 911 Truth for more info and a video on them trying to get answers but being snubbed by the NTSB.

Watch the video below on the supposed terrorist attack on the Pentagon to see evidence that shows beyond a doubt that a carefully contrived false flag event was staged by elements within the US government on 9/11. The video is 81 minutes long, but absolutely well worth every minute of your time to watch.

It persuasively shows that the official version of Flight 77's approach was always a complete fabrication. What is more startling, is that the plane must have pulled up over the Pentagon right before the explosion... which was the product of something else.

Note that the NTSB provided "Black Box" data (below) supports the witnesses' accounts and refutes what the government and traitorous media say was the direction of Flight 77. The downed light poles are a complete contradiction to this data and tell you that: 1) The NTSB data was fabricated; or, 2) The path of the jet was NOT what they say it was. Those light poles are a GIANT piece of evidence that something devious is going on. Watch the video:

NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT - 9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK from Citizen Investigation Team on Vimeo.


Lots of Looties

The PC cult says you're a racist if you laugh at Lootie. But look at that face! Lootie's clearly someone you could have a good time with and who'd happily share some of his ill-gotten gain with you. The problem here isn't so much the Lootie's of the world - it's the liberals of the world... who btw really DO believe Blacks are inferior to Whites. Those bug eyed bedwetters are always pissing a river; but notice that it's always in someone else's bed.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Jewish math

6,000,000-1 = 3-5 years

Mitt Romney@12%+msm = 55%
Ron Paul@55%+msm = 12%

<1,000,000+bs = 6,000,000

Holocaust = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$