Sunday, December 23, 2012

Was Jesus a Jew?

Not in the current sense, as this excellent video from Most Holy Family Monastery spells out.  Many weak-minded Evangelical types like to say, "Jesus was a Jew!"  Implying that today's Jews are the lineal descendents of the ancient Israelites and thus related to Jesus.  But, with the passage of  millenia and the ever-shifting sands of language, "Jew" today doesn't mean what it once meant.
Today's Jews: Liberal, Orthodox, Conservative, Ultra-conservative and everything in between, are all enrolled in the same, Talmudic "Synagogue of Satan" - a counterfeit scheme cooked up by the rabbis some 2,000 years ago.   

Monday, December 10, 2012

Yahu: the Hebrew word for "lies"

I came across this non-story at Yahu: Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones and an injured lineman, Jay Ratliff, had heated words in the locker room.  Things got kinda ugly. I mean really, what's more important: the pending implosion of the world economy or locker room squabbles?  Yahu knows best!

Ratliff is substituting for Josh Brent - who got himself into a heap'a trubble when he wrecked his car while drunk, killing fellow teammate Jerry Brown.  But curiosity got the better of me (I used to be a Cowboys fan once upon a time) so  I clicked on a link in the "locker room squabble" story which took me to the Yahu story about Brent.  It contained the following useless picture: 

Kind of odd that... showing only the  back of the guy's game jersey and helmet, in a suspiciously cropped photo.  My jewdar began to quiver violently.  So, the tireless staff here at Citizenfitz got on the ball - and found a much better pic of Mr. Brent:
Another msm mystery busted!

How bad is it gonna get?

Bad enough that even liberals are waking up!  And since this video was made DHS has bought another 900,000,000 rds of .40 hollowpoint.  It probably doesn't need repeating, but DHS is a domestic agency of the US Feral government.

Short and sweet: the banksters want their money - and the world can't pay. Get ready.