Thursday, June 23, 2016

Those Gullible Goyim!

A Doctors Without Borders volunteer was recently killed in The Central African Republic.

A few things:

1. These volunteers PAY THEIR OWN WAY, and it costs them thousands of dollars, to go to blighted countries like The Central African Republic to perform their charity work.

2. Charity groups like Doctors Without Borders actually help perpetuate the hard ridden peonage of the average Third World citizen:

A. They relieve the dictators of their responsibilities to their subjects, allowing them to build themselves air conditioned mansions, buy fleets of Bugatti Veyrons and to construct repressive police states for killing opponents of their corruption. 

B. They cripple infrastructure development in Third World countries. Why bother with manufacturing or farming when free food and clothing is only a charity truck away?

3. Many of the countries where groups like DWB operate are resource rich. Their dictators take out "development loans" - with their country's natural resources as collateral.  The dictators then proceed to pocket the lion's share of the loan money, for themselves and their cronies, while saddling their impoverished countrymen with eternal, grinding debt. Because even though dictators may come and go... their debts remain.

4. In MSM articles about the murdered DWB volunteer, no name is given.  Digging into it I learned her name was Elsa Serfass. Elsa was a French woman. A WHITE French woman.  There is almost no biographical info available on her on the Internet.  Kind of odd... that.  Furthermore the sketchy stories concerning her death are conflicting. Anyone familiar with the Jewstream media's tricks has good reason to suspect certain things are being covered up.

5. The ruling Cabal has been plundering resource rich Africa for generations now. They empower political puppets who will enable their plundering; and they applaud Third World charities like DWB - because they enable the plundering too. While I have no hard evidence I'd still bet a lot that Jewry is quietly involved in Doctors Without Borders; and that a part (at least) of all the $$$ dupes pay to go work for free, in lands which the elites are plundering, finds its way into their pockets.

6. Instead of crossing the street to aid their fellow countrymen, well intentioned but gullible people are talked into paying thousands of dollars to go to far off places, hoping to aid the impoverished peoples of plundered lands - but who in truth are aiding the plunderers. When the volunteers get murdered for their efforts, which happens, the system they've been enabling conceals or minimalizes their deaths.