Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Bad Imitation of Christ

In Dec. 2002, Popular Mechanics started some buzz when they ran an article speculating how Jesus "may" have looked. Rather than the tall, light skinned, fine featured Jesus depicted throughout history, the PM story depicted Him as short, swarthy and squat - with a prominent nose. For those not in on the game they added a picture of their version of Jesus:
Looking more like a befuddled Arab peasant than the Son of God, internal disclaimers notwithstanding, the REAL point of the article was the picture. A laughable, low wage Christ who'd have difficulty saving a dinar let alone the World. Well, one picture IS worth a thousand words. But that's how satan rolls.

The world's media are very selective about the depictions they put out. Those who serve the system are honored with flattering headlines, articles and photographs. Those who don't... get "the treatment". Think of Donald Trump. How many times was he ridiculed in the msm - bad photographs and all? After a while it becomes almost too apparent. Unfortunately, half the World is, by definition, below average and find it hard to see satan's tricks. While most of those who do see them find them amusing.

In August 1987 a Catholic nun from Kenya, Sister Anna Ali (1966-2012) of the Daughters of Jesus, the Good Shepherd reported a vision of Jesus. In the vision he allowed, or told her, to take a photograph of Him. Then He gave her messages, some apocalyptic. The visions continued for four years - from 1987 to 1991. It's stated that Sister Anna cried tears of blood on Wednesday/Thursday for the rest of her life. During the four years she reported being visited by Christ she recorded nearly 200 messages from Him. The Church has found her testimony credible and the case for her beatification has since been forwarded to the Vatican. Here's the photograph Sister Anna took of Jesus:
You be the judge.