Thursday, November 5, 2009

250 Million Year Old Bacteria!

You might have thought that 250 million year old live bacteria was a bit of a stretch, but no, science has put on it's most serious face and assured us that it is so. Of course science never lies - and science is never wrong.

Above we have the head and shaft of a hammer embedded within, so scientists claim, 110 million year old sandstone. This pushes back estimates for the geological epoch of the Flintstones by another 50 million years.   Understandably, Wilma and Betty will only admit to being 39 million years old....

A fossil dinosaur footprint overlaying a human footprint in "60 million year old" cretaceous limestone. Well, maybe it was just a giant turkey....

Now, our ever fearless, always truthful and never wrong scientists tell us they've discovered soft, pliable tissue, including marrow, within the femur of a *70 million year old* T-Rex. A little past it's expiration date maybe, but throw another on the barbie, mate!

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