Sunday, January 31, 2016

The gay numbers game


Back when I was more active against abortion I made a few discoveries: 1. The local media outlets ALWAYS underestimated the number of anti-abortion protesters.

2. The same local media outlets ALWAYS overestimated the number of pro-abortion counter-protesters. Usually by a factor of two, albeit sometimes three. For example, if 100 anti-abortion protesters came out and 50 pro-abortion counter-protesters showed up, the numbers would get reversed on the evening news. Same thing in the next day’s newspapers.

If 200 anti-abortion protesters showed up, they became 75. And fifty pro-abortion counter-protesters turned into 125. The point was clear: pro-abortionists HAD to outnumber the anti-abortionists.

They were and still are blatant about it.

During one of my anti-abortion “March on Washington DC” trips I met a guy at the Reflecting Pool who told me an interesting story: his daughter was enrolled at some big university in NY. She was in a women’s study class or something like that.

Right around this time (1988) a pro-abortion march on DC was planned. They had a visitor show up in the class who told them that jet planes had been chartered and if they wanted to attend the pro-abortion march they could sign up after class. The planes would fly them down and back on the same day.

And this was just *one* university class.

The message is this: we were up against phony numbers. When faking the numbers became too big of a problem they’d charter jet planes. No doubt trains and buses were being chartered too.

We’re up against the phony numbers game today: with the holohoax story. Fag marriage. Anti-Russian propaganda. Choose what you will….

I’m 100% certain that someone, somewhere is paying queers to troll the Internet. Both as agitprop apparatchiks - and to make it look like there are a lot more queers than there are. The old numbers game….

If you go to YouTube and post against queer marriage for example, you’ll soon find yourself swarmed by queers and queer lovers. But then, of course there are so many of them... because they're getting paid!

My point is that WE need to start using the same tactics.

If you’re being swarmed somewhere by Internet freaks, come here and let everyone... all three of us... know - so you won’t have to fight them alone.


Monday, March 16, 2015

A Jew - or not a Jew?

That is the question....

I've noticed a sharp uptick lately in the number of people saying Vladimir Putin is a crypto-Jew.  I've been called many names on YouTube by people who think he's an agent of the JWO.

While I don't regard Putin with the veneration some do, the accusation does seem a bit far fetched.

IMHO he's a Russian nationalist who's awakened somewhat late to the intentions NATO has on Russia's immense oil fields (it always seems to be about the oil fields, doesn't it?)

While he's caused the JWO problems regarding radical feminism, organized faggotry, Syria and Iran; and while he imprisoned some Jew oligarchs and forced others to flee, Putin certainly sat on his hands while the bombing campaign against Libya was being green lighted in the UN. He also ran through a law against "holocaust denial". Not to mention he's ex-KGB.

And Russia has a central bank. Those here may remember what Lenin had to say about Rothschild-ism and central banks.

So, the question in my mind is this: "Is Putin what he seems to be?"

The Jew owned international media clearly is down on him. But the Jew owned media is atheistic. The Zionist Jews on the other hand seem to view Putin in a different, less hostile, light.

The Putin puzzle is hard to sort out.

Is he really a Russian nationalist?

Or is he part Jewish - and playing an assigned role in the JWO?

But wouldn't that be just like the Jews? When all else fails... accuse someone of being a Jew!


Friday, January 16, 2015


Whenever I am getting beat
And feel the argument is lost
I use a trick my father taught:
And scream the dread word, “Holocaust!”

I never need to fear defeat -
Though every word I speak is crossed -
I have a word that trumps them all
Should I but say it: “Holocaust!”

And when I find myself in court
I know who’s going to win because
The judge will lend a kindly ear
Each time that I say, “Holocaust!”

All politicians bow and scrape
Dissenting voices are all quashed
When I stand at the podium
And cry aloud: “The Holocaust!”

Historians become perplexed
When into prisons they are tossed
’Cause they unwisely delved into
The mysteries of “Holocaust!”

Should you awaken from your slumber
There among the great unwashed
You’ll hear the television scream
The lullaby of “Holocaust!”

I have no need to prove my facts
All challenges are quickly squashed
When I sit at the wheel
Of the juggernaut called “Holocaust!”

The years roll by for you and I
The world processes without pause
But there will never be an end
Of "Six Million!" and "Holocaust!”


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams.... the death of a democrat

Robin Williams was a very funny man.  Talent is "funny" like that, it doesn't care who or what you are.  It just falls out of the sky on to some people.  Williams was standing in a different place altogether when the heavens opened up over him. His manic, incredibly quick wit was always something to behold.

Unlike many liberal comedians - Sara Silverman, Bill Maher, Jeanine Garofalo, Rosie O'Donnell, etc... who are not very funny - Williams was truly funny.

But Williams' personal life wasn't very funny: affairs, drugs, herpes, lawsuits, divorces, depression....  Many comedians refused to perform if he was in the house because he stole their material.

Naturally, he was drawn to California liberalism. California liberalism is New York liberalism on LSD.  Whereas New York liberals recognize their delusions are best achieved by back room power plays, California liberals actually believe that what they're seeing and saying is reality.

The struggle to reconcile their inner delusions with the reality in front of their noses puts a strain on their minds - and many drift off into realms of neuroses and even psychoses.  Williams turned to chemicals.  And no doubt many women along the way helped to still his voices.  There were consistent rumors of a severe bipolar disorder. In spite of this Williams' talent went untouched.

But sins cast long shadows.  Williams had been walking in his for a long time when he finally decided to depart planet Earth... like someone who scrambles into the wheel well of a commercial passenger plane leaving for lands unknown.

The emotional mess that suicides leave behind them is immeasurably worse than the physical clean up. Williams hung himself.  He hung himself at home knowing full well that someone close to him would walk in and find him swinging. What a vengeful, cowardly and self absorbed thing to do.

But this is fully in keeping with the liberal mind: move on and leave it for others to deal with the mess you left them.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jewish-English Dictionary

                            "That's an antisemitic canard!"

A Jewish-English dictionary: translating what Jews say into what they are really saying!

Antisemite: Someone Jews hate
Freedom: Depravity
Equality: Favoritism
Tolerance: Debauchery
Holocaust:  Sacred cash cow
Holocaust denial: Blasphemy!
Freedom of speech: Shut up, Nazi!
Hate speech: Words Jews hate to hear
Race: Something that doesn’t exist
Racist: A White person
Liberal: A useful sucker
Liberalism: Useful sucker farming
Social justice: Cultural Marxism
Civil rights: Run-up to multiculturalism
Multiculturalism: Nation wrecking
Feminism: Home wrecking
Gay marriage: Society wrecking
Gay rights: Disease propagation
Teenagers: A mob of violent Blacks
Hater: Right winger
Right winger: Hater
Conspiracy theorist: Someone who’s on to Jewish perfidy
Right wing extremist: Someone Jews don’t like
Left wing extremist: Freedom fighter
Justice: Jewish perfidy
Injustice: Resisting Jewish perfidy
Zionism: Scheme for Jewish world rule
Republicanism: Jew rule
Democracy: Jew rule
Communism: Jew rule
Republicans: Shabbos goyim
Democrats: Shabbos goyim
Gentile: Non-human
Goyim: Contemptible non-human
Negro (schwartza): Sub-goyim
Christian Zionist: Imbecile
Antisemitic canard: Indisputable truth


Monday, January 6, 2014

Reality versus Rainbowland

This was front page jewnews!
But did you ever hear anything about this?  A multi-cultic White woman pays the price for her amazing gullibility.  From the UK:
                                          The dream
                                           The reality

The indomitable Incogman spent a lot of time assembling this lengthy article:


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The fudgepacker's guide to the inferno

"The demons that lead them (homosexuals) into it are the ugliest of them all." - St. Catherine Laboure                       

Homosexuals are now trying to say that they're "made that way".  They're not made that way.  They have certain weaknesses of character - as we all have weaknesses - and the demons seize upon these... then stimulate, provoke and finally enflame them. 

Being intelligent spirits the demons are quick to see that a potential candidate is scoping out other men's butts; though perhaps not too intently at first.  So, they huddle and developed a plan: a complicated plan in some cases, though not with everyone.

Things get arranged (by degrees) to bring homosexuals into proximity, then contact, then defilement.  Before the perverts really even know what's happening, they're  snared.  Soon they're wallowing and bellowing in a pit of bestial madness. 

According to experts homosexuality is an extremely refractory obsession. Being weak willed, as well as lustful, homosexuals really don't try to stop themselves; and like the pederasts they're closely akin to, they endeavor to rationalize their behaviors. 

Most homosexuals maintain a prudent discretion.  Queers are more open about it.  Finally you have the depraved YT/Yahoo faggots - who try to say it's "normal".  Of course, if homosexuality is "normal", then so is pederasty, zoophilia, thievery, slavery, wife beating.... 

Moral depravity inevitably leads to mental depravity and homos are incapable of reasoning their way from a to b without falling on their faces.  Thus they're unable to devise a single argument to defend their behavior that can't be trampled to dust in under sixty seconds.

I recall some TV show years ago where guests were discussing the AIDS epidemic.  Some fag was on it demanding that more government money be spent on developing a cure saying, "If current rates continue we're going to have a million people dying a year!  Where will be bury them all?"  In his deformed mind it didn't occur to him that we're going to die someday anyway, AIDS cure or not.

The fags are now raucously crowing about recent government dictats allowing "gay" marriage - as if governments can't reverse themselves tomorrow.  For example, Hitler started out courting homosexuals (the Storm Troop was largely homosexual) but once he gained power he threw them under the bus.  Many of them were shot while shouting, "Heil Hitler!" Their queer mental myopia prevented them from ever seeing it coming....

The Catholic pederasty scandal is another good example.  In an epic of hypocrisy, queers try to make a case against the Church regarding that.  But almost all (90+%) of the pederast priests were queers.  Queers who, like John Geoghan, had wormed their way into the priesthood.  That fact usually goes unobserved by the media.  And the media that decries the (homosexual) priest pederasty scandal is the same one cheering on "gay rights".   Sometimes there are no words....

Though no doubt some will be saved in the end, the great majority of homosexuals appear to be enjoying their road trip to hell.  Proving once again the truth of the saying that "in order to get to hell you have to want it... and want it badly."