Friday, November 6, 2009

Zionists and Nazis

The intelligent student of history soon recognizes that the official story of WWII doesn't add up. Principally: where did Hitler get the billions to fund his ambitions? And not just his war machine... it takes a great fortune to bankroll a political party like the Nazis. Germany following WWI was a hopelessly bankrupt country; yet virtually overnight, while the rest of the world was mired in the Great Depression, Germans found themselves awash in relative prosperity.

There are reasons for this: 1. Jewry hoped to use the Nazis to acquire a homeland for Jews in Palestine and abetted Hitler's rise to power with a liberal infusion of credit. 2. Jewry also had an ulterior motive of fomenting a European war involving Germany and the USSR in which the Soviet Union (with Western help) would defeat the Nazis, then move on to enforce a Judeo-Bolshevik regime upon all of Europe. 3. Non-Jewish businessmen saw the potential for lucrative investments in Nazi Germany and began a deluge of wire transfers. To this end, the so-called Western powers bombed The Third Reich with bank notes. Of course, it didn't seem to occur to these people that Hitler might have very different plans from what they'd laid out for him.

Finally, in a bold but suicidally rash maneuver, Hitler pulled a fast one on the financiers; freeing the German economy from the death grip of the Rothschilds' by issuing Government backed, debt-free Reichsmarks. Ultimately, this was the real reason behind WWII. The idea of governments throwing off the yoke of usury and issuing their own money could not be allowed to stand.

Jews dominate the world of finance. Realize this fact, and a few others, and things begin to make a perverse sense.

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