Friday, October 23, 2009

Newspaper Bankruptcies

I haven't been able to find much about newspaper failures in the UK, but in the US there have been many thousands of print media layoffs and some big names have ended up bankrupt. TV stations too are feeling the pinch. With the economic downturn and giddy decline of advertising revenues, the chances of these people being hired elsewhere are slim.

But, we shouldn't get too tearful over all the poor, leftward tilting journalists now competing with minorities and illegal aliens - whose causes they'd championed - for shelf stocking jobs.... So long as it paid the bills, they were more than happy advocates of the lie. But now they're reaping what they've sowed:

The Tribune Company
Freedom Communications
The Journal-Register Chain
LA Times
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Sun-Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Daily News
Vancouver Columbian
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

Some that are in serious trouble:

San Francisco Chronicle
Boston Globe
Miami Herald
Detroit News
New York Times


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