Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Heretical Duo...

Simon Whittle and Steve Sheppard are two British men who operated a popular blog site called "Heretical.com", in which they discussed some of the tropes of early 21st century life. One of these was the so-called holocaust. On closer examination, the pair decided that the story had no clothes and went public with this on their site.

Irrespective of the fact that their server was and is in the US, the pair were brought up on charges of "Inciting Racial Hatred". Inevitably, they were found guilty in her Majesty's court in Leeds. However, prior to sentencing, the pair pulled a 23 skiddoo and fled to the US. On landing in California, they requested political asylum but were instead cast into jail. Predictably, their requests for asylum were denied and after many months they were returned to the UK to begin prison terms.

The Heretical Duo case is interesting on many levels: Whether you believe them or not, it demonstrates how "hate speech" laws are being cleverly used to silence opponents of the NWO. So-called "freedom of speech" is under a covert assault as at no other time in the UK and US. There is no freedom of speech wherever the interests of the ruling cabal are concerned.

And let us not forget Germany, where critics of the holocaust narrative are immediately cast into jail. So perverse is the system there, that citing historical documents as evidence for one's position is taken as "proof" of the charge! Lawyer's who try to defend their clients along the same line risk imprisonment themselves.

This all gives great traction to the idea that Jews really have faked the holocaust story and will resort to any measure to keep their lie alive.






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