Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prayer and fasting

Had the Russians undertaken prayer and fasting *in time* they would have been spared some or all of the black night that descended on them. My reading of history is they never did; and it was business as usual for them right up to the time the gate slammed shut.

It was very late, but by 1933 honest Spaniards began to recognize that leftist revolutionaries were planning for Spain the same things they’d done in Russia. These Spaniards began to fast and pray – and the leftist pestilence that had overtaken the country was finally beaten back (though 77 years later it has returned in large measure). Prayer doesn’t preclude action. Franco was a man of action. Prayer and action often complement each other.

Think of yourself as a prisoner in a prison that's on fire. It’s headed for your cell and there’s no way out. Your only real hope at this point is prayer. How’s it going to hurt?

There’s still a little time for America. For the sake of yourself, your family and your friends you should start praying and fasting – because you SHOULD know by now that a storm is coming (though in fact, it’s gonna be a hurricane, and an earthquake, and a famine, and a pandemic, and a ginormous war….) Worst of all – no more driving ’round town with all the windows down… because gasoline will be selling for $99.99.9/gal.

The times they are a changing....


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