Monday, February 6, 2023

The Martyrs of Japan

February 6 is the Feast of the Japanese Martyrs. Very few today know anything about these men and women. But despite their largely anonymous deaths they deserve to be remembered and honored.

Christianity was carried into Japan on the back of Saint Francis Xavier, SJ: "The Apostle of the Indies". St. Francis was a Jesuit - in the glorious days before the Jesuits became a sewer of heresy - and the son of a Basque nobleman. He became a close friend of the founder of the Society of Jesus, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and one of the first Jesuits.

When, in the early days of the great Age of Exploration, fantastic stories of far-off lands with millions of pagan souls ripe for salvation began to circulate, Catholic missions were sent out to the four corners of the Earth... and Francis wanted to be part of it.

After years of adventures as a foreign missionary Francis finally made his way to fabled Japan - where an odd miracle announced his arrival. A crucifix given to him by Ignatius had fallen overboard during the stormy passage - much grieving the saint. But immediately on making landfall a crab was seen marching out of the surf holding up a crucifix in its claws. It walked directly to Francis, who took the crucifix from it, not forgetting to thank the crab, which then turned and hurried back to its watery home. It was the exact same crucifix Francis had lost during the storm.

The spectacle was witnessed by scores of people and the story spread quickly. Francis began drawing crowds and gained a reputation as a wonder worker.

Catholicism grew quickly in Japan, and among all classes... from the lowest to the highest. Although he had great hope for the Japanese mission Francis didn't live to enjoy it as he died a few years later while trying to reach China. But within 50 years of his arrival there were some 300,000 Catholics throughout the country and the number was growing. Most lived in the Nagasaki area, which became predominantly Catholic.

Unfortunately, along with Catholicism come the bad Catholics... the mother of whom is always pregnant.

The Portuguese in particular began to make a nuisance of themselves, mostly for their slave trading, skirting or ignoring Japanese laws, and usury. The Jesuits too came in for criticism as many of them were also Portuguese. Furthermore, the Jesuits and Franciscans, who had recently arrived, began quarreling. The resulting power struggle went public and even caused a schism in the diocese of Funai.

In response to the trouble the miscreant Christians were causing, in early 1597 the Shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi had twenty-six Christians arrested - as an example to those Japanese who might want to convert. These men were later canonized as The Twenty-Six Martyrs of Japan. They included five European Franciscans, one Mexican Franciscan, three Japanese Jesuits and seventeen Japanese Christian laymen, including three boys aged 11 to 13. They were tortured, mutilated and marched barefoot through snow from Sakai to Nagasaki, where on February 5 they were crucified on Nishizaka hill.

In spite of this and the generally bad reputation gained by the Portuguese, the number of Christians in Japan continued to grow. Hideyoshi had been comparatively lenient in prosecuting them, usually content with taking all they owned, but his equally shrewd and even more formidable successor, Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, decided that harder methods would have to be used.

In 1596 the Spanish merchant ship San Felipe foundered on the coast. The captain of the ship, during a drinking party with some Japanese, drunkenly boasted that it was Spanish modus operandi to send in friars to soften a people up - to be followed by the army. Drunk or not the Japanese paid attention. One of the San Felipe's passengers was a Franciscan friar, Philip of Jesus, who would be called on to pay the price for the captain's boasting as one of the 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki.

Sixteen years later, after Ieyasu had become shogun, the so-called "Okamoto Daihachi Incident" was uncovered and brought to his attention. This involved a series of intrigues involving bribery, forgery and attempted murder, in which one of Japan's Catholic daimyos (the Japanese equivalent of a European nobleman) sought to re-claim ancestral lands. By the time of Ieyasu's shogunate there were some 80-90 Catholic daimyos in Japan, with many others who were sympathetic to the Faith, and he was becoming increasingly alarmed at Christian intentions.

Furthermore, Ieyasu had made the acquaintance of an English captain, William Adams, whose ship had wrecked in Japan in 1600. Adams was a very able man and made himself useful to the Japanese. He soon came to Ieyasu's attention and then into his confidence. Once, when questioned about European affairs, Adams told Ieyasu how the Spanish and Portuguese were always at war with someone and that when desiring to conquer a nation they would first send in their missionaries to soften the people up, to be followed by their armies; confirming what the captain of the San Felipe had said. Ieyasu knew the Spaniards had recently conquered much of the Philippines and took the story seriously. He decided to act.

Concerned more about Spanish territorial ambitions than Portuguese debaucheries in 1612 Ieyasu signed the Christian Expulsion Edict, banning Christianity in Japan and ordering the expulsion of all foreign missionaries. It claimed that the Christians were bringing disorder to Japanese society and that their followers "contravene governmental regulations, traduce Shinto, calumniate the True Law, destroy regulations, and corrupt goodness".

Buddhist ecclesiastics were made responsible for verifying that a person was not a Christian with what became known as the "temple guarantee system" (terauke seido). By the 1630s, people were being required to produce a certificate of affiliation with a Buddhist temple as proof of their religious orthodoxy, social acceptability, and loyalty to the regime.

To further root out Christianity, the government adopted a nation-wide scheme called "e-fumi", in which "fumi-e" (icons of Christ and/or the Virgin Mary) were laid on the ground and everyone in a given community was called forth and told to step on them. Anyone refusing, or even showing reluctance, was identified as a Catholic or Catholic sympathizer and arrested. The goal of the government was to force them recant. Those who refused were tortured. Those who continued to refuse were executed, often on Nagasaki's Mount Unzen, by being boiled alive in the volcanic hot springs that dotted its slopes.

Depending on where in Japan he lived a stubborn Catholic would find himself faced with being boiled, burned, crucified, drowned or frozen to death.

The government also employed a torture called "The Pit of Hell" in which the victims would be bound fast in ropes. A wooden lid with a hole cut into the middle was placed around the neck, waist or feet. They were then lowered by their feet, head down into a narrow pit which contained human excrement at the bottom. And there they were left, to recant or die. In order to keep them from dying too early from a cerebral hemorrhage, their heads or ears were cut, to allow blood to leak out, and thus reduce intracranial pressure.

If someone seemed to die early they would be extracted from the pit to be assessed by a doctor, who would try to revive them. If they revived and still refused to recant they were returned to the pit to continue their torture.

The number of martyred Japanese are unknown. Estimates range anywhere from 2,000 to 30,000. Some of their names are known but sadly the vast majority are known only to God. Many more were tortured, mutilated and/or robbed of their lands, homes and possessions.

The 26 martyrs of Nagasaki were:

Foreign Franciscan missionaries – The Alcantarines:
Martin of the Ascension, Pedro Bautista, Philip of Jesus, Francisco Blanco, Francisco of Saint Michael, Gundisalvus (Gonsalvo) Garcia.

Japanese Franciscan tertiaries:
Antony Dainan, Bonaventure of Miyako, Cosmas Takeya, Francisco of Nagasaki, Francis Kichi, Gabriel de Duisco, Joachim Sakakibara, John Kisaka, Leo Karasumaru, Louis Ibaraki, Matthias of Miyako, Michael Kozaki, Paul Ibaraki, Paul Suzuki, Pedro Sukejiroo, Thomas Kozaki, Thomas Xico, aka Thomas Danki.

Japanese Jesuits:
James Kisai, John Soan de Goto, Paul Miki.

The great courage and constancy of these men and women in the face of what from all outward appearances was a badly losing cause is remarkable. And as usual, the principal bad actors in the story were... Catholics! Hideyoshi and Ieyasu's subsequent hostility to the Faith can at least be understood when read in the light of the miscreantism of the Europeans they had to deal with.

By the middle of the seventeenth century Christianity in Japan had been all but stamped out. Or so it seemed. When Europeans returned to Japan two centuries later they discovered to their surprise that Christianity had in fact outlasted the great persecution. There were still scores of thousands of Japanese Christians quietly practicing the Faith. The shoguns had become a dim memory, but Christ was still alive and well.


Monday, January 30, 2023

The Devil and Wikipedia

I've brought this idea up at some sites I frequent and gotten only silence in return. But... today is a new day.

Although they do much good at Wikipedia and it's a good place to start a line of research, many sins (by commission and omission) make their ways into its pages; i.e., changing BC to "BCE" and AD to "CE". Then there's the damning of somebody as a "holocaust denier" or a "conspiracy theorist" or a " White supremacist".... The old tar-brush, ad-hominem trick... which has become tediously familiar, yet somehow retains its mystical cache'.

Well, you know what I mean.

But Wikipedia has an edit function whereby you can add or remove words and sometimes entire sentences. And you can radically alter the thrust of an article simply by *adding or removing only a few words*.

If you're a Christian disturbed by the many falsehoods concerning the Faith at Wikipedia, or just someone who values truth for its own sake, then go there and make yourself felt. If more people than just myself would start doing this it would quickly exert a salutary effect. Unfortunately, most prefer the couch potato life.

One suggestion: don't spend more than a few minutes editing a single article as that will draw the unhelpful attention of the Wikipedia bots and your work might get reverted.

And don't change an article too much, as that also draws the attention of their bots and your changes probably WILL be reverted. Especially with regards to anything the Tribe holds dear.

Small, quick changes is how you want to do it.

The Tribe has a myriad of online activists, all scouring the Internet for signs of anti-semitic activity, then descending like a horde on perceived "hot spots". They're well funded, well organized, committed and effective. Wikipedia gets around 500-600 million hits per day. So, you can guess that it probably would be one of their favorite stops.

The ruling Judeo-Masonic Cabal is very aware that much of the World gets its info from Wikipedia; so they make it a priority to see that it gets loaded with - on top of the good info: misinfo, disinfo, lies and damned lies. But by leaving the editing function intact Wikipedia has left a back door open for us to sneak in and do God's work.


Friday, January 20, 2023

Lives On a Chart

Lines on a chart
Defining you from me
Pies, Flows and Bars
Reflecting some reality

Chloropleths and Venns
Histograms and Plots
Scattered, Bubbled, Stacked
Interesting lines on a chart

So, like it or not
We'd better know our place
In Life's Great Chart
So someone else
Can get a raise


Monday, January 16, 2023

Bobby Fischer... Lord of the Squares and an Inconvenient Jew

Some here might remember Bobby Fischer. Fifty years ago he was famous as the greatest chess genius in history. However, time rolls on and today the name "Bobby Fischer" often draws a blank look. Usually among the young. This is wrong. He deserves to be remembered. And not just for his chess heroics or his intense, questioning stare.

Fischer was a very dangerous chess player. The greatest chess prodigy of all time and at his peak probably the greatest player that ever lived. When he was just thirteen years old there were few if any left in New York state who could beat him. For him to come out of nowhere as it were (the US... not the well oiled, honed and highly polished chess machine of Europe... especially Russia) is miraculous. He might as well have walked out of the jungles of Borneo, so unlikely was his rising.

He won one famous match, "the game of the century" against an international master even though midway through he sacrificed his queen.

He was thirteen.

As he matured his FIDE rank rose astronomically. In 1971 it peaked at 2895. The highest ever recorded at the time and some 125 points higher than second place.

He was crushing top ranked grandmasters while still in his teens. In the summer of 1972 he played against the reigning chess champion of the World, Boris Spassky, and despite forfeiting one game after not showing up because of a demand not being met, Fischer still went on to crush Spassky 7 to 3.

Fischer was on top of his world. But after winning the World Championship he turned his back on chess and became something of an international recluse. Moving from place to place and country to country and rarely surfacing. At one point living an a basement apartment in Pasadena. He forefeited the title in 1975 when FIDE refused to meet his demands in a contest against the challenger, Anatoly Karpov. In 1977 he played three games against an MIT computer and won all of them.

Strangely, at some point in his life, despite being at least half Jewish himself, Fischer developed a toxic animosity towards Jews. He would today be what's called a "self-hating Jew".

Something needs to be clarified here: in latter-day Judaism you get your tribal card from your *mother* NOT your father. Of course the Bible says the exact opposite. The reasoning behind it is that while people may not know who the father is, there's no denying who the mother is.

That subtle slur against Jewish women may have found its target in Fischer's mother, Regina Wenger. Wenger was indisputably Jewish. His father on the other hand is something of a mystery. Regina was married to a gentile biophysicist named Hans-Gerhardt Fischer at the time and he is named as Bobby's father on the birth certificate. However they hadn't lived together in a while and she had some affairs along the way. One was with a Jewish physicist named Peter Nemenyi. Bobby and Nemenyi looked rather alike - so it's possible he was his father - but then so did Bobby and Hans-Gerhardt Fischer.

Fischer had a volatile relationship with his mother. She was a very driven but neurotic woman and moved out of their apartment when he was just sixteen to pursue her own interests. However, Nemenyi continued to support him and even testified on his behalf, against his mother, in a court deposition.

Regarding his anti-Semitism. Fischer definitely detested Jews and reviled them in extreme terms. At one point writing he thought it was time people started shooting random Jews on the street. He memorably went on a bizarre, profane and impassioned rant about Jews as a call-in guest on a Philippine radio show:

For their part the Jews generally seem to have adopted a course whereby they proudly claim Fischer as full-blown Jewish genius; and at the same time revile him as an anti-Semitic head case.

In their minds Fischer's hostility arose out of thin air. He just WOKE UP ONE MORNING AND DECIDED TO HATE JEWS! No thought of anything Jews might have done that could have massaged it ever enters the picture. Still, in spite of all this he usually remained on good terms with other Jewish chess players.

Fischer re-emerged from obscurity in 1992 to play against his old nemesis become friend, Boris Spassky, and proceeded to spank him +10-5=15 (ten wins, five losses, fifteen draws). Because the match was played in Yugoslavia, which in 1992 was under US sanctions, Fischer was given a "cease and desist order" from the US Treasury. He memorably read the order then spit on it for the viewers at home:

The purse for the rematch was $5 million USD, with $3.35 million of the purse to go to the winner. The US government issued an international arrest warrant for Fischer for ignoring the cease and desist; and then turned around and tried to collect taxes on his winnings! But Fischer refused to pay up and never returned to the US. Becoming something of an international outlaw/genius.

Throughout all of this Fischer held stubbornly to his principals. He refused to cash in on his fame and rejected all endorsement and licensing offers. Offers that would have made his life much easier, saying, "They're not going to make a nickle off me!"

Eventually he moved to Japan settled down and got married. But while living there he was arrested in 2004, at the behest of the US State Department, and held in detention for six months. Fischer recognized the seriousness of his situation - the US wanted him back and in prison - so he began searching for a country that would take him in. After some negotiations, in 2005 Iceland offered him citizenship, remembering how Fischer had helped to put their little island on the map in the 1972 World Chess Championship.

It was in Iceland that perhaps the most unusual turn in this unusual man's life occurred. As a rule, Fischer tended to keep people at an arm's length or more. However once he got to know and trust someone he would open up and become congenial. He became friends in Iceland with a man named Gardar Sverrisson. Their conversations often turned to matters philosophical and spiritual. Fischer asked Sverrisson what religion he belonged to. Sverrisson answered that he was a Catholic. For some reason this piqued his interest and he began reading up on Catholicism. Even buying a copy of the catechism.

End game: Fischer had suffered from renal problems for some years and these took a turn for the worse in late 2007 or early 2008. While in the hospital he realized he was going to lose the match. He told his friends he wanted a Catholic burial service. It's not known by us out here if he received the Last Rites of the Catholic Church. If he did, no one is saying. Politically he was still a hot potato so if he did it was kept under wraps in order to avoid trouble. Bobby Fischer died on January 17th, 2008.

What is known is that he did receive Catholic burial rites and that a few days later a Catholic mass was celebrated in his memory.

For my part I owe Bobby a debt of gratitude. I learned some important lessons, though indirectly, from him.

The summer of 1972 was a memorable time. Largely because all the kids in my group caught "chess fever" as a result of the coverage the World Championship in Reykjavik was getting. We were all playing chess. For some reason I got a reputation for being good at it. Maybe I was among my friends but the first time I played against someone who actually knew what they were doing I got blasted. But I learned some valuable things along the way:

1. You'd better consider that your opponent is closer to checkmating you than you are him.

2. In the game of chess someone wins - and someone loses. Resulting in a net 0.

3. Taking it even further I began to understand that life is more about losing than winning. There are 32 teams in the NFL. Thirty-one of them finish the season as losers. And of the thousands of Olympic wannabes who compete in an event, only one takes home the gold.

4. And then there's the big, final loss.

So, thank you Bobby for your part in that wonderful summer of '72. And for the lessons that came out of it.

Spare a prayer for his eternal soul.


Friday, January 13, 2023

Where was BLM? Where Was Kamala?

           Larry Eugene Price: left to eat his own poop and die by            Kamala Harris

Another heart wrenching story about the endemic racism of America. But... well... these days you must consider that the author of the article, Eric Ferkenhoff, made it up - or at the very least lied like a well seasoned prostitute. The guy's a MSM journalist after all:

Ok, if true, WHERE WERE ALL THE LIBS? Where was Bill Gates? Where was George Soros? Where was Tim Wise? Where was Colin Kaepernick? Where was Kamala? This poor, retarded Black man died on her watch. Between the lot of them, and his loving family, they couldn't scrape up a lousy hundred bucks to bail him out? Instead they left him to rot, slug down his own feces, then die of starvation in a urine drenched, latter-day-America slave holding pen?

Friends, I'll put it out there for you: liberalism is not a political position, it's a mental condition - with a demonic element.


Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Hogs of War

To his credit, the Russian soldier who killed these two men first tried to get them to surrender - instead of just spraying them down. But to his discredit he then went on to kill the guy on the left even though he did as he was told.

God will remember that.

Irrespective of two more casual deaths in a war that's killed upwards of 150,000, and maimed countless others, we ought to consider the possibility that those poor slobs might have been walking the streets in their respective hometowns only a few months ago, maybe only a few weeks ago, when they were pressed into service by Ukrainian military police; and who then found themselves on the front lines after minimal training. mobilizing teens

And so it goes.

The real war criminal wasn't that Russian soldier. The real war criminals occupy cushy corner offices on the top floors of far-off, well guarded buildings located in places like: Lvov, Brussels, London, Paris, Bonn, Washington DC.... People like Volodmir Zelensky, Peter Poroshenko, Igor Kolomoisky, Boris Johnson, Emanuel Macron, Joe Biden, Jens Stoltenberg, Ursula Van Der Leyen, Angela Merkel, Robert Habeck, Annalena Baerbock, Victoria Nuland, Jeffrey Pyatt, Anthony Blinken.... Remember those names. They each have gallons of blood on their hands.

I suppose one can add Vladimir Putin to the list too. His strange geo-political procrastinating caused the globalists to sense that seizing Russia's vast material wealth was within their grasp. Now he finds himself in a costly war he could easily have avoided, with no real goal or end in sight.

In my opinion at least, the Russo-Ukraine war is the beginning of the end of the present age. Riots, rebellions, revolutions, earthquakes, famines, madness, plagues and WW3 are coming. It's going to be worse than bad.

"The end will come like a flood; and until the end, war and desolations have been decreed." - Daniel 9:26

If you aren't praying, fasting and almsgiving, for yourselves, your family and your friends, there isn't much reason to be hopeful about your future.


Tuesday, January 10, 2023

And So It Goes

                               Not much has changed, eh?

"You may lose troops, but never lose a minute" Napoleon famously observed.

I've been thinking about Russia's glacial pace in the so-called "SMO" in Ukraine. A war Russia could, and should, have won within a month. Instead they've resorted to WWI tactics: artillery duels, no man's land, trenches, barbed wire, dugouts and a front that's scarcely moved over the last six months, except to Ukraine's advantage. The Brits and Germans of 1915 fought much more aggressively than today's Russians.

So, in spite of every military maxim, Mr. Putin has decided that time in war is really not of the essence. It's possible that in this one case it's not, we're dealing with Russia after all, but....

Online commenters have for months been confidently predicting that Russia will finally begin it's "overwhelming assault... once the ground has frozen". Well, as of today the ground IS frozen in Ukraine - so where's the overwhelming assault?

Adding further mystery to this already very strange war, Putin has just appointed a ground troops commander who's been roundly denounced as incompetent. By Russians!

Me? I don't think there is going to be any overwhelming assault. Not this winter and probably not this year, if ever. The war will simply grind on WWI style, as it has from the beginning, before finally petering out and some sort of agreement being signed; while the news agencies of the world quietly move on to other matters.

Why do I think that? Because I've become convinced over the past ten and a half months that Putin isn't playing to win, he's playing *not to lose*.

Playing not to lose is a very different thing from playing to win. You'll often see it in professional sports, especially during big games like the Super Bowl; which is usually the most boring game of the year. The respective coaches, even the most daring, go into a kind of Super Bowl trance: a defensive, bunker mentality; and a game plan that avoids risk and focuses on keeping the other team on their own side of the field while waiting for lucky breaks that can be exploited for better field position.

If my view is correct (and yes, I was wrong before for thinking Russia would make short work of Ukraine) then we shouldn't hold our breath expecting to see Russia's "overwhelming assault" anytime soon. For reasons of his own Vladimir Putin is playing not to lose. Maybe Russia really is as weak and incompetent as Western pundits claim. Maybe he's working on deals behind the scenes. Perhaps he's been bought off by the globalists. Maybe he's looking to strengthen his already formidable power. Perhaps he's just a deeply flawed man. Maybe all of the above. He is a politician after all.

Whatever Putin's mindset, his procrastination in Ukraine is in keeping with his past behavior in places like Libya, Maidan and post-Maidan. For my part I question the need for the invasion of Ukraine. Russia has a stick much bigger than its military. Bigger even than its nuclear arsenal: it has immense oil and gas fields. It also provides much of Europe's food.

When NATO began screwing with him why not just turn off some of the valves to Europe instead of going GI Joe? Now he's gotten his country into a bit of a fix. A very expensive fix. And yet, even after NATO's part in the conflict was unmistakeable, Putin was was still speaking of "Our Western partners." ???

Not to forget the hundred thousand plus dead on both sides. People who this time last year were walking around town, clowning it up with their friends, with no inkling of their pending cancellation. It wasn't necessary.

Then there are the ongoing attacks by Ukrainian forces against the two breakaway republics, Donetsk and Lughansk, which after ten and a half months of war are STILL being shelled by Ukrainian artillery; with weapons and troops being shuttled into Eastern Ukraine across dozens of big fat bridges spanning the Dnieper river.

Big fat bridges that to this day remain blissfully untroubled by Russian military action. But who am I to say? Draw your own conclusions: