Sunday, November 29, 2009

And So It Goes...

"In the Sobibor gas chambers, Jews died in 20 to 30 minutes after inhaling a toxic mix of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, say prosecutors, who argue that Demjanjuk was at the camp for about six months in 1943...."

John Demjanjuk was sentenced to death in Israel for being Treblinka's infamous, "Ivan the Terrible"; but Congressman James Traficant and columnist Pat Buchanan, practically by themselves, forced his release on the basis of reasonable doubt. Ooops!

But Jewry never forgot Demjanjuk. They next discovered that he'd actually been a guard at *Sobibor*, and made their grovelling Amis turn him over to their grovelling krauts.... Having worn themselves out goose stepping about Europe, Jerry now has only enough strength left for attacking 90 year old men. Churchill got it right about them, "They're either at your throat or at your feet...."

And no one with a brain cell accepts the "diesel gassings" at Sobibor spiel.


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