Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brother Nat... a hasbarat?

The WORST thing in Jewish canon that a Jew can ever do is go Christian. Period. Brother Nathanael, if he is a hasbarat, has chosen the unlikeliest of paths. Still, Jews are known for their tortuous paths and frauds, so nothing’s beyond them.

But Brother Nathanael tears Jewry a new ass like nobody else… under his own name. That, and his message has been consistently the same and to the point for years. If he’s a crypto-Jew he’s done an amazingly good, or bad, job at it… depending on your point of view. If Jewry hasn’t arranged a special “reception” for him with the boys from the JDL, that doesn’t prove he’s swinging for the team – they could just be biding their time. He’s become rather high profile for a direct assault.

Two things strongly in his favor: he names the Jew better than anybody. And his message has been unvarying for years. We all know that hasbarats can’t keep it a secret for long.


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