Friday, June 1, 2012

Catholics and the test of fire

The Church - and I mean the Church - is finally beginning to do something it should have been doing for over fifty years: the right thing. 

The Catholic Church, as one who thinks a while on these matters understands, has been infiltrated and, to an amazing degree subverted, by leftists.  Popes, bishops, priests, nuns, parishoners....  Your average Catholic today is a contraceptive gulping, fag loving, pro-abortion Obamaniac.  The girls seen at mass often dress like sperm filled tarts.  Frankly, the majority of Catholics today are disgraces. 

The Church has had a series of bad popes, starting with John XXXIII.  He was a liberal, probably a Freemason, and the primary force behind the Second Vatican Council and all the novelty and nonsense that proceeded thence.  He moved quickly to ensure that liberals were installed in the hierarchy and that their views were victorious.

Paul VI was the liturgy wrecker.  Later on he once remarked how, "The smoke of Satan has entered God's sanctuary...."  Perhaps he was feeling a bit proud of himself when he said that because he was one of those who threw open the doors and windows to Satan.  It's believed by many that he was a closeted queer.  He certainly encouraged the relaxation of priestly standards, allowing many pillow biters seeking an easy life to flood into the seminaries.

John Paul I came to a sudden and suspicious end; but the name he chose: "John-Paul" indicates he was of the same mind as the two wreckers before him. 

John-Paul II is a strange study: he came down hard against  the idea of women priests and so-called "liberation theology" - which attempts to reconcile Marx with Jesus.  For this he was considered by liberals to be a hard-line conservative (but to leftists, anyone less leftist is considered "right wing").  In truth,  JP2's pontificate was one long series of outrages against Catholic Dogmas and Traditions.  Clerical faggotry flourished under him.  And seemingly not a day was allowed to end without at least one heresy burbling through his lips or spewed in his name.  One could go on almost forever about him.  See the following for a fuller picture of the man:

JP2 could scarcely be considered a protestant, let alone Pope.

Benedict XVI was under investigation for heresy when Pope Pius XII fortuitously died.  He was and remains a committed modernist.   He was a behind the scenes deal maker and dagger man during the Second Vatican Council.  Reading his seemingly endless words one is left wondering if  he's even still a Catholic, let alone Pope.  His m.o. is to start out sounding like an entirely orthodox Catholic theologian.   Then he subtly starts shape shifting: raising reinterpretations, qualifications and objections - before heading off into heresy and even apostasy.  For some unknown reason he has a reputation as a theological conservative; but this veneer is very thin indeed.

 It does seem B16 has done some  re-evaluation of some of the fruits of Vatican 2, and is trying to lay on the brakes a bit.  Unfortunately he worked diligently to dismantle the brakes back in his younger days.  The steering wheel's broken too.  The Church only turns left now.... 

The YT video embedded here was undoubtedly done with B16's permission, if not at his direct behest.   It's heartening to see that at least something's finally being done to wake Catholics up from their stupor.  But, in my opinion it's very little, very late.  In the end the Church will triumph but we all, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, are going to have to go through some bad times first.   Did I say "bad" times.  Sorry!  They're going to be worse than bad. 

Finally, in case no one's actually noticed: the electoral process in America, and probably everywhere else, has been subverted.  Our votes are mostly worthless.  The candidates who get elected are mostly worthless - owned apparachiks of the plutocrats who rigged their elections.  They all have no intention of letting a mass of unbathed peasants upset their carefully laid plans....

Your best hope, if not your only hope, at this point in time is to start praying and fasting.  If you don't care enough to do this for yourself, than at least do it for those you love.



  1. I don't know why my comment doesn't appear.

    Great blog. And I like this one entry. The link with JP2 heresies is amazing. I was not aware he was so sick. Poor Catholic Church of ours!

    Has C.

  2. Thanks, Has. For some reason people are having trouble commenting here. I did too for a while. Had to re-do my email, password and stuff.

  3. This blog is elegant too. People don't comment maybe because they are busy at +BN's? For some time I did a blog but found out that there are too many good places to read anyway and too little time for everything (work, kids, woman, books, internet etc.), and stopped.

    I am not too creative either. Prefer to support +BN.

    For my non-kosher correspondance I use Drop me a line if you like sometime.

  4. Thank you! My numbers are slowly rising. Citizenfitz is getting about 200 hits a day on average now. It's mostly for my own edification though. Getting my gripes out.

    I was wondering what "Has C" meant :)

  5. the v2 church is the whore of babylon predicted in the book of revelation...we havent had a true pope since 1951 when pius xii taught nfp aka rythmn method. Then we have had antipope after antipope, latin mass being removed in