Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The next few years

Inflation - gasoline goes to $9.99.9/10 per gallon. Happy Meals: $29.99.

Stock market gyrations.  Business failures.  Massive unemployment. Bank failures: your life savings disappear overnight - but not your mortgage!   Fifteen people living in one house. Shortages of basic commodities. Utilities brown outs. The Internet goes down. Wild rumors. People resort to bartering for basic necessities.

Government efforts to remediate the situation only seem to exacerbate them.

Americans finally wake up to the consequences of being suckers - and blame everyone else. Ration cards. Food riots. Race riots. Violent crime wave. Gasoline thieves. Hunger for Whites... starvation for Blacks.  Black criminals target White areas for vicious home invasions.  Whites who defend themselves are prosecuted.  Black markets. Women, some as young as girls, prostitute themselves for a can of corn. A proliferation of radical political groups.

Local law enforcement can't contain the swelling violence - and in fact are the focus of much of the violence. The military is called out to maintain order. Military deployment on roads and highways, especially in big cities, where checkpoints are set up at all major intersections. You'd better have your ID!  Government false flag operations: particularly attacks by "right wing paramilitary groups" that are actually covert elements of the US government. American troops return from their overseas bases to garrison the US as martial law is declared.

Curfews. Random ID checks. "Temporary" suspension of habeas corpus... Posse Comitatus... search warrants... and the rest of the Constitution... as the President declares a state of national emergency. Gun ownership (except for the government) is outlawed. Private citizens are ordered to hand over their guns or face draconian penalties. People are also ordered to turn in precious metals and "excess" food to the government. Those who don't are prosecuted as "hoarders".

Warrantless, sometimes violent, searches of private homes in joint police/military sweeps. Guns, food, alcohol, precious metals and other "contraband" are seized - but especially guns.

Mass arrests of dissidents and others considered enemies of the state: trade unionists, "antisemites", anti-Zionists, uncooperative clerics, "hoarders", black marketeers, gun hiders, outspoken politicians, members of outlawed political groups, those who evade police checkpoints and roadblocks.... FEMA concentration camps scattered around the country are quickly filled.

Soldiers begin to rebel at what they are being ordered to do. Soon, mutinies erupt. Efforts to put these down fail - mainly due to the incompetence of generals who got their stars due to their political reliability rather than any true ability. A leading general finally realizes that the military occupation of the US by the US is becoming impossible in the face of so much resistance and, with the support of other leading officers, unleashes a coup. Civil war. As the political situation deteriorates for the ruling elite, UN forces are called in. Canada and Mexico invade the US. The American generals are victorious and proclaim a "new democracy" - which is anything but.  Military dictatorship ensues.

As America falters, Russia and China cooperate, and immediately begin flexing their combined military muscle. Israel is warned, then threatened....

But... who knows?


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