Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Elin Krantz got "Spectered"

Some of you may have heard of Elin Krantz, a one-time pretty, young Swedish woman.  Krantz was a member of a Facebook page called,  "We Like Diversity".  She considered herself multi-cultural and was a supporter of third world immigration into Sweden and Europe:

                                     Elin Krantz - before

Miss Krantz was walking home one fall evening in Gothenburg when she encountered this man, an Ethiopian immigrant:

                                Ephrem Tadele Yohannes

The two shared a brief interaction, then parted ways.  Shortly afterwards Miss Krantz turned up unexpectedly:

                                     Elin Krantz - after

Elin Krantz got one hard lesson in multi-culturalism!  But we must ask ourselves: why is Sweden of all places becoming a dump for third world trash?   Well, here's why:

This Jew faced ratess spills the beans, bragging: "Jews are going to be at the center of that!" -  i.e., wrecking Sweden, Europe and the other White nations.  Still, the coming multi-cultural wonderland arrived too late for Elin Krantz - and all the other White women raped, beaten and murdered by immigrant garbage.  Any questions?



  1. Death to Jews and non-whites in Europe!

  2. Death to Barbara Lerner Spectre

  3. I realise this is old news but really? Do you think there are no white perpetrators of brutal rapes occurring among citizen of your own country? it's only immigrants and non whites committing these crimes? Open your eyes! It is a good idea to screen everyone coming into a country but don't pretend it isn't a problem among your own as well. The problem is lack of respect for life and women, it's not an isolated problem just among refugees or immigrants. I can remember many brutal rapes in my own country and many of them are their own citizens, this is a deeper problem.

  4. I suggest you go walking alone at night through one of Sweden's No-Go Zones.