Thursday, February 4, 2010

If Americans Knew....

Frankly, not too many Americans seem to know how thoroughly Jews have usurped their government; not to mention the governments of the so-called Western nations. You get occasional glimpses of the reality of the situation, as when people are imprisoned, following sham trials, for so-called "holocaust denial"; but the larger part of America is content to eat, sleep, burp and fart before the glowing god. When the bottom finally drops out of the world - no more TV - THEN the great brainwashed will wake up to the underlying reality - probably in blind rage.

Still, the numbers of those who are getting smart appears to have grown large enough to worry International Jewry - which is moving in it's usual nefarious fashion to stifle criticism by, among other things, censoring the Internet. The rumbling from Mount Goyim is becoming ominous, though the problem isn't dangerous... yet. An important question facing Jewry right now is how to redirect, contain or harness, this growing anger, and keep it from violently erupting in an uncontrollable way. It remains to be seen as to when they'll commit their final miscalculation.


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