Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For whom the bell tolls... it tolls for thee

Sister Teresa talks about the Swine Flu vaccine. As we here know, the NWO Elite believe there are way too many people. Too many for them to deal with effectively anyway. But they have plans…. One of these seems to be a drastic reduction of world population through pandemics. This very interesting video explores one of the ways in which they could approach “the problem”.



  1. I lived in Gijon for a time.

    I loved, and still do, a girl called Amalia.

    My Mother had me chasing after Nuns, to give them money, for black babies, when we were skint, when i was 5. I like nuns. Trust them. They were my teachers, some.

    Different times.

    What i want to know from YOU, is.

    Is this present Pope a kike interloper or not.

    Should we follow, or DESTROY?

    Answer please.


  2. You got me, rabbi. He's a bona fide German... but he deserted from his AA crew at the end of the war. IMO he's brought shame to every uniform he's worn. Darth Pope?

    You need to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYrK464nIeY&feature=email&email=comment_reply_received

  3. That's what i thought.

    I appreciate the attempt.

    Subscribe to this.


    Btw, if you ever visit Spain, Make the Asturias yer first port of call.

    Astounding, and unspoiled.
    I have to tell you though, they're no fans of commies!


    During the Spanish Civil War, they and the Basques, were the only folk with no problem with priests and nuns.

    Mainly because, like Irish clergy, they, in the main, sprang from the same stock, and endured the same conditions, or at least, identified with them.

    Independent contrary bastards, that they are.


  4. O.K.

    Don't post if ye don't want to.


    Posted stuff for the last coupla years.

    Julia turns up..

    Shitcockman calls everebody a kike.

    Except his buttboy.

    Everything back to queernormal.!

    Julie disappears. She will be back.

    And other "People" will say, "How Wise".

    It's fake.
    Fake as fuck.

    It's not a big deal.

    Everybody gets took by the vile kike.

    Then they worry, "They know whow i am!!!!"

    Fuck that.

    It's only my opinion.





    Supercilious BASTARD!Gets on my tit too.




    And some tunes....


    I might be wrong.

    I don't think i am.

    I'll bet you £50

  5. I don't think Incog is a Jew. Something IS strange about the place, but not that. Julie's not a Jew either... just a weird old hippy who's dropped enough acid in his life to take the paint off a battle ship.

  6. Save yer money.

    I'm right.

    It can be a curse.

    Watch and see.



    Like you, i've been around a while.

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