Tuesday, April 5, 2011

US government training to attack... America!

From James Wesley Rawles' site:


"I've been in law enforcement for the past 18 years. I have
attended a variety of training over those years. During the
1990s, most training I attended was community-oriented, sponsored
by local agencies or private companies specializing in police
training. Themes common to training of the past included topics such
as Constitutional rights, community partnerships, youth-oriented
programs and problem-oriented policing.

"During the past several years, I have witnessed a dramatic shift in
the focus of law enforcement training. Law enforcement courses have
moved away from a local community focus to a federally dominated
model of complete social control. Most training I have attended
over the past two years have been sponsored by Department of Homeland
Security (DHS), namely the Transportation Security Administration
(TSA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

"No matter what topic the training session concerns, every DHS
sponsored course I have attended over the past few years never fails
to branch off into warnings aboutpotential domestic terrorists
in the community. While this may sound like a valid officer and
community safety issue, you may be disturbed to learn how our
Federal government describes a typical domestic terrorist.

"These federal trainers describe the dangers of "extremists"
and "militia groups" roaming the community and hiding in plain
sight, ready to attack. Officers are instructed how to recognize
these domestic terrorists by their behavior, views and common
characteristics. State data bases are kept to track suspected
domestic terrorists and officers are instructed on reporting
procedures to state and federal agencies. The state I work in,
like many others, have what is known as a "fusion center" that
compiles a watch list of suspicious people.

"So how does a person qualify as a potential domestic terrorist? Based
on the training I have attended, here are characteristics that
qualify: Expressions of libertarian philosophies (statements,
bumper stickers) Second Amendment-oriented views (NRA or gun
club membership, holding a CCW permit) Survivalist literature
(fictional books such as "Patriots" and "One Second After" are
mentioned by name) Self-sufficiency (stockpiling food, ammo, hand
tools, medical supplies) Fear of economic collapse (buying gold and
barter items) Religious views concerning the book of Revelation
(apocalypse, anti-Christ) Expressed fears of Big Brother or big
government Homeschooling Declarations of Constitutional rights and
civil liberties Belief in a New World Order conspiracy A recent
training session I attended encouraged law enforcement agencies to
work with business owners to alert police when customers appear
to be stockpiling items. An example was given that a federal
agent was monitoring customers at a well known hunting and fishing
retail outlet and noting who was purchasing certain items. This is
something to remember the next time you purchase a case of ammo at
one of these popular outdoor sports retail stores.

"Methods of developing evidence of terrorist activity from virtually
any search have also been discussed. Various common materials
which may be associated with homemade explosives are listed,
such as lengths of pipe, gunpowder, matches, flammable liquids
and fireworks. Officers are told when these items are found, they
can be listed as "bomb making materials". The training even goes so
far as to instruct officers that the items are cleverly disguised as
legitimate, such as gasoline stored near a lawn mower, pipes stored
in a shop building or gunpowder stored with reloading materials.

"One course I attended used the example of a person employed as a
plumber being the target of a search warrant. In this example, the
officers were told how to use his employment as a plumber as further
evidence of terrorism. The suspect's employment would be described
as an elaborate scheme to justify possessing pipes and chemicals so
as to have bomb making materials readily available. Based on this
example, all plumbers are potential pipe bomb makers. All gun dealers
are plotting to provide arms to gangs or terrorists. All pest control
companies are preparing mass poisonings. By using this logic, simply
having the ability to do something criminal automatically makes the
person guilty of plotting the crime. With all the various methods of
manufacturing methamphetamine, it would also be easy to claim that
a disassembled clandestine drug lab was located during the search.
In other words, it is easy to frame anyone for possessing bomb
making materials (or other crimes) if the officer knows what items
to list in the report and how to link these items to terrorism.

"Another common tactic used in DHS sponsored training is the slander
of certain ideologies by linking an erroneous characteristic to
a particular group. Here are some examples: These groups hold the
anniversaries of certain dates as significant such a Ruby Ridge,
Waco and Hitler's birthday They oppose abortion, support gun rights
and are affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan They are fearful of big
government, espouse support for the Constitution and want to kill
police officers These groups collect firearms, survivalist books and
explosives These extremists read books such as Patriots, One Second
After and The Anarchist Cookbook They are religious zealots, reading
the book of Revelation, speak of the second coming of Christ and
plan mass murders to summon the end of the world These people grow
their own food, raise livestock and plot attacks on commercial food
production facilities Do you see how this tactic works? List common
characteristics of libertarian/conservative minded people, then
throw in a slanderous accusation. If A and B apply, then you should
automatically presume C applies as well. If they were disturbed
by the incidents at Ruby Ridge and Waco, then obviously they must
celebrate Hitler's birthday. Officers are being conditioned to
assume criminal and terroristic views when politically-incorrect
views are observed. As simple-minded and ridiculous as this line of
thinking is, there are some officers who unfortunately buy into this.

"Another training session I attended two years ago discussed
the dangerous of people who have strong views of the
U.S. Constitution. One trainer made the statement that "these people
actually believe the Second Amendment gives them the personal right
to own a gun." Of course, the trainer failed to mention that our
Founding Fathers, as well as recent Supreme Court rulings, verify
this view as being completely accurate. The obvious attempt here
was to suggest to officers that the Second Amendment does not apply
to individual gun ownership and to be suspicious of anyone who
holds such a view. It was also stressed to be cautious of anyone
who quotes the Constitution and even worse, actually possesses a
copy of this radical document. Incredibly, in the United States
of America today belief in our founding legal principles is now
grounds for being labeled a domestic terrorism. Imagine how they
would respond to some of the known statements of Thomas Jefferson,
Patrick Henry or George Mason concerning the issue of individual
liberty and limited government. It is true that one man's terrorist
is another man's freedom fighter.

"There are several things that we, the patriotic, self-sufficient
defenders of liberty can do to counter this effort. First,
get involved in local elections. Elect county sheriffs who
will not fall for such propaganda nor go along with oppressive
federal agendas. Elect city council members who will not tolerate
such behavior by their city police department. Elect state
representatives who will hold state agencies accountable for
participating in such tactics. Bring these issues up during
elections, demand a public statement on their position on such
propaganda and a promise to stand against these efforts while
in office.

"Second, get to know your local law enforcement officers. It is
much more difficult for DHS to brainwash officers against people
they personally know. When you are viewed as a neighbor, friend
or fellow Christian, these officers are far less likely to submit
your name to a terrorist watch list or view you as a potential
terrorist. We want local officers to be personally offended when
they hear members of their community slandered in such ways.

"Third, always be friendly and courteous when speaking to your local
officers. Even if that officer has fallen for this propaganda, be
sure not to resemble the negative stereotypes labeled to us. After
the fifth, sixth or maybe tenth time he deals with one of us, he
or she may come to realize we are of no threat to law enforcement
or anyone for that matter. Eventually, the officer may attend one
of these training sessions, hear the propaganda and say to himself,
"This isn't true, I've dealt with many people like this, they are
God-fearing, liberty loving Americans, they are not the enemy!"

"I hope you find this information useful. Please remember that there
are many people in law enforcement that have not, and will never,
fall for DHS propaganda. Some of the most patriotic defenders
of liberty and believers in self-sufficiency can be found in law
enforcement. Officers like me will continue to do our part to
fight tyranny from within while the general public can do its part
by electing liberty-minded candidates to office and educating their
friends and neighbors about issues important to all of us."

James Wesley Rawles


  1. Some police seem to like dressing up like Nazis.

    - Aangirfan

  2. You know it! They like to inflict beat downs too.