Monday, March 28, 2011

Queers gone wild!

A Catholic action group known as Tradition Family Property recently protested at my father's old alma mater, Brown University, against so called "gay marriage". The queers went nuts! Spitting... cursing... chanting... tearing up fliers and trying to destroy the TFP banner. Anyone familiar with abortion protests will recognize the type. No one was hurt in the protest but not because the queers didn't want to. The cops told the Catholics to stay there as long as they wanted to - provided they kept on playing the drums and bagpipes! The video was quickly pulled from YouTube for "violation of terms of service". Meaning it showed queers with their masks off. They (YouTube) also dummied the thumbs up/down to make it appear that most viewers hated it - when virtually all of the comments were favorable. It's worth a good look. As one of them confirms in the video the very last things these freaks want is "equality".


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