Friday, March 25, 2011

The Jew’s Big Dumb Golem Attacks Libya

Why are we (the US and its allies) forever looking around for someone new to overfly, bomb and/or invade? Haiti, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran.... The list just keeps getting longer. Now Libya is in our bomb sights. Do you really want to know why? Well, here's why:

"FACE THE FACTS, America: We’re being used as “the Golem” for World Jewry. No doubt, whatsoever. What is a “Golem” you might ask? Well, back during the middle ages, when the Khazar Ashkenazi Jews lived in eastern Europe, one of their overly imaginative rabbis dreamed up a story (like the holohoax) where he could conjur up a giant monster to slay the Jew’s enemies; which they always seem to have plenty...." The Incogman

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