Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This just in from the American Family Association - a Christian group espousing conservative views: Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN is an elite research university with an emphasis on the medical sciences. If you visit their web site they blather on about the usual, politically correct, Masonic ideals: "...equality, compassion, and excellence in all endeavors...." Secretly, of course, its leaders are anti-Christians who're counting the minutes till they can open the gates for the lions again.

Most universities and all state universities are besides themselves in their love of things homosexual - and forced acceptance of this perversion is now in full stride in academia. Vanderbilt is just one of many examples I could point to. Homosexualism always insinuates itself under the banner of "equal rights" - which invariably become articles of coercion once the courts start making their rulings.

Yet, even after 80 years of non-stop liberal propaganda most people are still able to recognize homosexuality for the aberration it is, forcing the plutocrats to ramp up their efforts to impose it on us by diktat. Ain't democracy great!

"A nation of sheep gets a government of wolves."


"Vanderbilt University has placed four Christian student groups on "provisional status" after a university review found them to be in non-compliance with the school's nondiscrimination policy. If they remain in non-compliance, the student Christian groups risk being shut down.

"Vanderbilt says the student organizations cannot require that leaders share the Christian groups' beliefs, goals and values. Carried to its full extent, it means an atheist could lead a Christian group, a man a woman's group, a Jew a Muslim group or vice versa.

"Last year, an openly gay undergrad at Vanderbilt complained he was kicked out of a Christian fraternity. As a result, the school took action against five religious groups and said they violated Vanderbilt's nondiscrimination policy. All were placed on provisional status.

"Among the groups threatened with shut down is the Christian Legal Society because "Each officer is expected to lead Bible studies, prayer and worship at chapter meetings." CLS President Justin Gunter said, "We come together to do things that Christians do together. Pray, and have Bible studies."

"The school says, however, that if the Christian club requires leaders to be a Christian and espouse Christianity, it can be shut down."


  1. That photo is nearly as repulsive as Lucifer himself.

  2. The thing is, if a thing is sanctioned by decree, it becomes law.

    See, i don't care if you care to drive a Rachel Corrie named Catterpillar tractor up your fundament.

    It's yer thing.

    If you try to popularize it. Force it on people, through media, I WILL KILL YOU!!!

    And every fag will be caught in the storm.

    Let me put that more clearly.


    Think about that fags!

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    Hope you and yours are well.

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    Here's to the mad Jirish/Irapanese bastard!
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    Bp Williamson's latest.


    Numbers of commentators on economic questions are presently writing or saying that the world’s financial system is on the brink of collapse. None of them are sure of the timing, but many of them predict that it will be a major collapse. Yet before the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, few people saw it coming because they were comfortable in a way of life that seemed well established and for ever moving forward. However, if these commentators are right, it is about to come off its hinges.

    We should all of us be thinking what went wrong and how it should be put right. Here below are a series of practical proposals, adapted from a recent article on the website Burning Platform. One need not agree with each of them to begin envisaging alternatives to our present broken system. There are political and financial proposals. Let us begin with the latter :--

    * Nationalize those banks which by being “Too Big to Fail” can hold the State to ransom. Let any consequent losses fall on the people responsible or involved, not on the taxpayer.
    * Re-institute (in the USA) the Glass-Steagall Act to stop banks from ever becoming so big again.
    * Re-institute mark to marketing accounting rules, so that banks can no longer pretend that their assets are worth much more than they are worth in the market-place.
    * Regulate the derivatives market so that likewise no financial entity can become so big that it can threaten to crash the entire system if it goes under (as happened in the USA with AIG).
    * Simplify the present highly cumbersome system of income tax, or replace it altogether with a consumer tax, and eliminate corporate tax breaks.

    Notice how such proposals may be explicitly financial, but they are implicitly political, because to be put into practice they would need a significant change in the political way of thinking of the people and especially of the leaders. Finance depends on politics. Here are the more obviously political proposals, which may be disputed, but they at least point in the right direction :--

    * To combat the corruption of too comfortable politicians, impose term limits. To combat the corruption of elections by special interests, cut out all lobbying and lobbyists.
    * To cut the power of the central bank, take away its control of the nation’s money supply.
    * Re-organize the States’ welfare benefits, today so draining the States’ finances that tomorrow they will be able to benefit nobody.
    * Re-instruct the people to go without, and to accept a lower standard of living, so that instead of spending society into oblivion, they build it by saving.
    * Do what can be done to replace suburban sprawl by more self-sufficient communities.
    * Renounce world empire so as to cut the enormous military spending of the USA, for instance by bringing thousands of troops home from their bases all over the world.

    Here again, for such proposals to be put into practice, they require great changes in the people’s way of thinking, especially in that of the leaders. Political decisions depend upon what people value more, or most. Why are we alive ? To enjoy on earth, or to be truly happy for eternity ? Is that an either-or question ? Is there an eternity ? Thus politics depend on religion, or on the lack of it. Will today even a financial crash bring anyone to their senses ?

    Kyrie eleison".

  5. Hey rab...good to see you're still around.