Sunday, August 21, 2011

Angels of light and darkness

Brother Nathanael Kapner does excellent, hard hitting work on Jewry; but he comes up a pound short on the Christianity part of his ministry.   When I saw him on YouTube: prancing about and  waving a crucifix like a damn fool, it turned me off.  No real Christian would ever do that.   Not even a protestant.
Lots of claimed "Christian" sites seem to be Mossad psyop fronts.  John Hagee's is one of the more obvious ones.   I used to visit a "Catholic" site called "Holy Smoke" which addressed Catholic themes from a seemingly orthodox perspective.  The site and its regulars championed the Tridentine mass, were down on libs and detested the limp wristed Catholic hierarchs in the UK.   But I soon learned all was not as it seemed:  the posters there (pretty much all of them) liked to think JPII was a decent, well intentioned man and pope - albeit too soft on liberals.   But they *loved* Benedict XVI - believing in spite of all the evidence to the contrary that Die Ratzinger would cultivate orthodoxy in a Church gone to weeds. The facts testify of other things: whatever else they may or may not be,  JPII and B16 can scarcely be considered Catholics... let alone popes.
When I began to challenge some of the Smokers on matters of Catholic doctrine which the two "popes" had fudged on, or even denied outright, I was attacked by many of them.   It became clear to me that although they were dressed up as though they were orthodox Catholics, underneath they had on rainbow undies. Their game exposed, jfthoi, I started posting quotes  from popes and saints regarding the Jews.  Man, that really got their blood boiling and I was denounced as though I were the the Anti-Christ  himself... for quoting popes and saints!

Anyway, I mention this because it's clear to me now that if Satan can appear as an angel of light how hard can it be for him to appear as an orthodox Christian?   Brother Nat, whatever else he does right - and he does a lot right - stumbles over an easy hurdle: treating the crucifix with respect.

Continuing my research in this area it became clearer that Satan is active in Christian circles.  No kidding!   Today he's especially active in "conservative", evangelical Christian circles.   War mongering Ziocon-ism draws much of its strength from protestant evangelicals, most of whom dislike liberalism and consider themselves  conservatives, yet who line up to bend over for the Synagogue of Satan no less eagerly than liberals.  Very clever how the devil plays one group - which he created - against another - which he created.  You wouldn't think that disembodied spirits would have much need for shekels.
Whatever one protestant church teaches there's another down the street that denies it; but Catholicism's doctrines are written in stone. This makes it a lot easier for Catholics to recognize heterodoxy.   You just compare what's said today against what's  been said over the past 2,000 years.  Following this line it's perfectly obvious that something's rotten in Rome: the Church today preaches a new Gospel - different from what it's advocated the past 2,000 years.  It's a sly outlook that likes to exploit the ambiguities found in Vatican II statements.   Thus we now have popes kissing the Koran, receiving the mark of Siva, praying at synagogues, issuing joint statements with the Lutherans, inviting voodooists to offer prayers of peace in Catholic churches....   You could go on forever.

Pope Paul VI once lamented, "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church!"   He spoke the truth, but what he didn't say was he was one of the main fissures through which it entered!  Even someone as disgraceful as JPII spoke some excellent and thoroughly orthodox things... then followed up with abject heresies.  Sometimes in the same paragraph!  That's our Catholic world today. 
The devil is still "prowling around looking for whomsoever he might devour."  You'd think his jaws would be growing sore.  The libs we can immediately recognize as fools or phonies, but the "conservative" type Christians, who do and say many good things, bear very close watching.   Some of them may be genuine but it's not a bet you should lightly take.



  1. He comes over as a fake mocky twat.

    But that's very subjective on my part.

    Arsehole is the word that leaps, unbidden to mind.

    I expect he'll forgive me, him being "Christian" and all!


  2. LMAO for real! What a kook. I tried to support the guy at one time but the more I learn the more I wonder if he shouldn't be locked up.