Monday, July 25, 2011

Know they neighbors

When the financial collapse hits for real - and its going to be bad - the criminal elements in this country will undoubtedly and quickly coalesce to form gangs of freebooters.

These will be tolerated to a degree by the government, as their lawlessness will give the rulers a pretext for enacting oppressive laws: voiding the Constitution and, among other things, confiscating privately owned guns. Taking people's guns away is probably THE lynchpin in the NWO plan. After that, all that follows will be much easier.

Instead of "bugging out" when the stuff finally hits the fan we'd do better stocking up on non-perishable foods; getting to know our neighbors and planning out how to defend our own "hoods" from those who will come: felons and/or Feds.


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  1. This will have been posted September 29, 2014, not long after the collapse.

    To those of you that have grown desperate enough to try it and have managed to not be killed and eaten by your own kind, where I live would be a bad place for you to try to pay a visit because we'll be expecting you. Your small cells of 'trained', low life, city punk criminals will quickly find yourselves woefully ill prepared, undermanned, overwhelmed and outgunned. You would pose but a minor challenge to those who grew up hunting in these woods. We know them as well as we know the way around our own back yards. We're better at this than you can or will ever be and your arrogance is laughable.

    Know that we've served in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and some of us may have had to kill an enemy combatant or two. Know this also: Think about it once. Then, think again. We are, and have been, well prepared and we just really have never cared too much for your type, anyway. When law enforcement has failed and can no longer do its job, we look forward to the opportunity of welcoming your sorry asses into our community. Day or night, just come on down. We'll treat you with the same lack of respect you would have shown us and will have no second thoughts about reducing your numbers to just a manageable few. And, make no mistake, those few will be sent limping home with a message for the others of your ilk thinking of visiting any of our homes uninvited. That message will be
    quite clear. You can either stay well away and stay alive, or you can bring a saw, or hammer, or an axe along with some humility and usable skills if you're thinking about sticking around. Should you have any designs in mind other than these few simple demands, then you should instead bring shovels with which to dig your own graves. And from where
    I'm sitting, while zeroing the scopes on my Browning and PSG1, even for your marginal mentalities these shouldn't be very difficult decisions to make.

    Gizmo66 at home in Small Town Oklahoma