Saturday, July 23, 2011

Incogman's site attacked... again....

Incogman, the dread "antisemitic" Internet gadfly has had his site vandalized... again.... A year and a day after his first site was purged from Wordpress (in an obvious Jewploy) his new site has disappeared. One could kinda see this coming: the Synagogue never sleeps and they're going after bloggers - even small potatoes like me - in order to censor all criticism.

Jewry's had their sights on Incogman for a long time, utilizing various stratagems to cause him ill, yet he out foxed them. But the rapid growth of White awareness to the Jew peril has forced them to pump up the volume against bloggers like him... and me... and many others too. No doubt about it.

But I'm sure the Incogman will rise from the ashes of this latest setback and resume his place as a guide star in the expanding constellation of Jew-wise people.


  1. I may not have agreed with a lot of things about Incogman and especially his readers' comments but erasing his site is just plain wrong. They have just passed laws in Canada that equate criticism of Israel with "antisemitism" and punishable by law. Needless to say that does not sit too well with those of us who actually have something to say about things!

    I hope he gets it back up again. I am sure he will. His pithy comments were pretty funny.

  2. I agree also... Citizenfitz, if you are able to contact Incogman, be sure to let us know when he is able to get back up under a new site and what the url is for that site?

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