Sunday, August 14, 2011


In the Catholic Church  today we see Jews serving as papal knights! Although nUcHuRcH – of which B16 is a principal architect – goes out of its way to bend over for the ever sinless, ever sinned against, "elder brothers in the faith" (God forbid that one!), it hasn’t always been so. At one time the popes understood Jewry very well.   Still, there'd always been a steady flow of converts from the Synagogue; and despite what Wikipedia's hordes of Jewish "editors" would have you think, few of them were forced to convert - which is forbidden by canon law in any instance.  

Though many of the Jews who converted to Catholicism were sincere, a large minority, at least, looked back affectionately at the Synagogue. These became (and still are) the object of a fanatic re-proselytizing program by the Jews. In Spain particularly, the Jews and crypto-Jews became such a problem for the monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella that they were finally forced to give them the boot. To this day the Jews still whine about it... and plot their revenge.

In today’s Vatican though "converts" feel no pressing need to hide their true allegiances.  All of the sudden it seems Jews get to heaven too.  Still, quite a few Jews who’ve converted over the ages were honest seekers and luminaries. Saul of Tarsus being the most celebrated. Then there were Fathers Ratisbonne and Mortaro.  Others like Bernard Nathanson and Mortimer Adler are more recent adornments.

So, what can we do about the den of judaizing snakes inhabiting the Vatican today?  Well, we need to pray more for one.  We can also write our bishop or even the Pope and tell him we're witholding our tithes so long as nUcHuRcH continues to deny and betray the Traditions and articles of the Faith.


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