Saturday, May 26, 2012

Menachem Rosensaft - portrait of a Pharisee

Menachem Rosensaft....  This latter day Pharisee makes a latter day "antisemite's" job too easy.  As recent events in Tel Aviv prove (see Citizenfitz: The leaven of the Pharisees) the Black Plague is  meant only for the Gentile nations.  In Israel however, Blacks are a "cancer that must be cut out" - and shipped back to Africa.  Or maybe to Ireland....   Why the hypocrisy?   Because Jews must preserve their "essence". 


"In 2012, he denounced immigration restrictionists Peter Brimelow and Pat Buchanan as racists who should be shunned from mainstream political debate...."


  1. Hi Citizenfitz, I've just discovered your great blog. Who's that idiot called jonny draco who keeps spamming your site and thinks that the Catholic Church is the source of all evil. He's just posted a link to that fool Eric Jon Phelps on Ramzpaul's site.

  2. Thanks, Mary C! Jonny shows up with links to assorted nonsense. But he occasionally gives me leads that are worth pursuing.