Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The plan

An immense throng, as though everyone who'd ever lived were present, stood silently on a plain.  The sky above was blacker than any night; but intense, and intensely beautiful, gold and silver lights streamed towards the people from an unseen source. Gold AND silver lights because the colors maintained separate identities even though both proceeded from the same source.  Unseen because an immense figure, whose true size was impossible to estimate, stood between the Source of the light(s) and the crowd.

The creature's back, for that's all that could be seen by the crowd, was a burnt looking dark brown and black - like a steak left too long on the grill. The great creature too was staring towards the light(s).  The crowd realized they were seeing their great harrier, the lord of the world, and that it had been brought low; and like them it too had a judgment to face. The creature ignored everything but the Source of the light(s) - with whom it appeared to be speaking. It, along with the crowd, saw that the creature's downfall was the result not of power, but of a brilliant plan that had been conceived and enacted at the very start of the trouble.

The plan made its way quietly through the ages; not unseen so much as unregarded. But it finally arrived at exactly the right place - at exactly the right time. The plan was neither miraculous or supernatural. It was entirely natural and can best be understood as something like a moth fluttering in and collapsing a great castle; which then destroys a mighty kingdom.  Everyone, even the creature, was utterly amazed by the plan.
Fully understanding its fate, and seeing how such a seemingly small thing caused its ruin, the great creature said, "That was well played!"  And no one else dared to raise another question or criticism.

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