Friday, April 20, 2012

Jewish codespeak

Like the devil who spurs them on, Jewry conceals its true, malicious intentions beneath grand sounding words, terms and phrases.  One must decipher these in order to figure out the real story. Once this is done, like pieces in a puzzle coming together, the hidden picture begins to reveal itself.

 Equality: Codespeak  for the debasement of excellence, superiority, intelligence, competence, ethics, etc, in society or its subsets by advocating the tolerance, then imposition, of lesser values and persons - but only in White society.

Tolerance: Code word for the acquiescence to, then forced acceptance of, perversity and neo-barbarism in the nations (White) of the world.

Freedom of speech: Shut up!

Hate crime: Any unpleasantness committed by White Gentiles, and only White Gentiles against Jew orchestrated cultural marxism.

Race: A concept Jewry vehemently denies - until a White person commits a crime against a Jew or dark skinned person - at which point they suddenly become "racists".

Racist: Any White person.  Especially a White person who recognizes that White people are being derogated in favor of the darker skinned proxies of Jewish cultural marxism.

Liberal: Someone who hates himself and wants to punish the world for it, but who can be made useful to the Jews, who provoke the liberal to project his own self-hate back on to White people, White history, traditions, mores, etc.

Liberalism: A mental disease characterized by delusions of moral and intellectual superiority. Also a Jew code word for concealing Jewry's broad front attack upon traditional White mores, social norms, history, etc, by empowering the deranged "liberals" who seek to pervert or destroy them.

Multiculturalism: Code word often employed by Jewry in its efforts to erode and corrode White culture using assorted dark skinned proxies - while Jews themselves stay safely in the background, out of sight.

Feminism: Code word for attacking male, specifically White male, authority in the home, workplace and society in general.

Civil rights: Jewish codespeak for the imposition, by government dictat, of  non-White, homosexual, or female persons or groups upon Whites, particularly White men, for the express purpose of debasing the White  power structure.

Gay rights: Jewspeak for the multi-pronged attack on traditional, White, male, Christian societal norms.

Gay marriage: Codespeak for the attack on Christian values under the guise of civil rights.

Social justice: A society more congenial to the desires of Jews.

Antisemite: Someone Jews hate.

Teenagers: Mobs of violent Black youths who attack White people.

Hater: Anyone voicing opposition to any of Jewry's schemes.

Right winger: Code term for someone Jews are having trouble controlling.

Conspiracy theorist: Someone who's on to Jewry's grand game.

Extremist: Someone who's committed to a cause, but not a cause Jewry deems useful.

Green revolution: Codespeak for Jews taking over and turning the environmental movement into a lucrative scam for themselves.

Justice: Jewspeak implying vengeance towards the Jews' enemies, of which there is never an end of.

Injustice: Whatever Jews don't like.

Democracy: Jew rule.

Communism: Jew rule.

Freedom: Depravity.

Zionism: Jewish scheme to (eventually) gain temporal and spiritual control over all the nations of the world. Zion (Israel) will be the premier nation of the world with Jerusalem as the new world capital; and a Jewish descendent of King David as world ruler.

Christian Zionist: Imbecile.





  3. “Catholics are the only animal who can lie to themselfs and believe it.”

  4. Not-A-Templar says:

    April 22, 2012 at 1:57 pm
    Now this is a true papist.

  5. “Prof. Israel Finkelstein & Neil Silberman, Two of archaeology’s leading scholars shed new light on how the Bible came into existence. They assert, for example, that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob never existed, that David and Solomon were not great kings but obscure chieftains and that the Exodus never happened.”

  6. What kindergarten do you go to, dude?

  7. "The barren and lumbering theology of the Church crowded out the Muses from their earthly walks, and the world became a prison after having been the home of man. One by one the great lights went out; Athens was no more, Rome was dead. The bloom had vanished from the face of the earth, and in its place there fell upon it the awful shadow of a future hell.'"

    M. Mangasarian (The Rationalist, May 1915)

  8. "The only valid religion is the one founded on the race. Outside of it there is no salvation."