Friday, April 6, 2012

Apostate Pope slams heretical priests

One can only marvel at the irony of it all. Welcome to nUcHurCh, folks!

Apostasy, n: abandonment of one's religious faith, party, cause, etc. From Latin apostasia, from Greek apostasis: to desert, to stand apart from. e.g., a Catholic who repudiates Catholicism.

Heretic, n: A baptized Christian who willfully and persistently rejects any article of faith.

If anyone still harbors the mania that B16 is even a Catholic, much less a Pope, please visit the following site for the real story on this destroyer:


    ***catholics are NOT christians and both groups are not Humans,they are from the house of satan.Wake up before it's to late....

    1. Johnny, are you yourself really human?
      The way you think I doubt it very much..

  2. CHRISTIANS (all caps)is code word for true WHITES,what you catholics and christians have been brainwashed to call us barbarians.

    ###Are you really seaking the TRUTH????

  4. Imagine a world run by the "Taliban" for a thousand years. Imagine every civic amenity, every theatre, every stadium and every leisure centre either destroyed or consecrated to God.

    Imagine women confined to domestic slavery, imagine unbelievers tortured to death, imagine education and science dismissed as an irrelevance and the only approved learning study of the Holy Book.

    Imagine the only cure for sickness is prayer and imagine men dying in almost continuous Holy War.

    Stop imagining. You are thinking of Christian catholic Europe. It's not a dream. It's history.


  6. draco you are clearly ignorant about history. i suggest you quit making youself look foolish, there's agood chap