Friday, March 9, 2012

Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ

Sheriff Arpaio is in the news fairly often, usually in a negative way. He runs a tough jail, where the prisoners wear pink uniforms and are housed in tent cities, which he calls "concentration camps". Predictably, libs hate him. But then they hate everyone.

Arpaio recently came out with the results of a local citizen inquiry called, "The Cold Case Posse" that investigated Barack Obama's long form birth certificate. The results of the inquiry were this: the LFBC is unquestionably an electronic forgery - and a damn poor one at that.

His team, on their own time and dime, also looked into BO's 1980 Selective Service card, and determined that it is probably a forgery too. It looks as if the USPS date stamp was applied to the card by taking a 2008 stamp, cutting out the "20" then turning the "08" upside down and using it to strike "80" on the card. The problem is that USPS stamps of the time would have said "1980", not just "80".

Finally, the Cold Case Posse asked to see the microfilm INS records, kept by the National Archives, which show the arrival and departure of everyone who came or went from Hawaii for the month of August, 1961 - the month BO was born. This is the time BO's mother, Ann Dunham Obama, would have arrived in Hawaii - if BO's critics are correct and in fact BO wasn't born in Hawaii as claimed. The records of All Hawaiian arrivals for the dates August 1-7, 1961 have disappeared from the files. Follow up questions by the Cold Case Posse concerning this anomaly have gone unanswered by the National Archives.

Predictably, during the Q&A that followed the presentation, the reporters in the room swarmed in to personally attack Arpaio and impugn his motives. Being children of the lie, liberals, and most reporters are liberals, are wont to attack the truth and truthsayer wherever they find them. Sheriff Arpaio is a courageous man. Let's pray he doesn't come to an unexpected end.


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