Saturday, July 28, 2012

My people....

This video is by Julian Lee, aka "Curtis Mickunas" - or vice versa - who is a dedicated White Nationalist.  Julian's an interesting person and sometimes makes very good points - but he has an unfortunate tendency to alienate people with his egoism and petty self defensivness. 

Now, regarding the “my people” angle common among White Nationalists: “my people” are in large measure knuckleheads. “My people” usually can’t think ahead any further than their front bumpers. Should “my people” win the lottery, most of them will not only be flat broke, they’ll be getting hounded by creditors, within a year at most.

“My people”, 80+% of them, are thieves. Good luck getting that wallet you dropped, with $100 in it, returned to you. “My people” will listen to a dozen lies, with joy radiating from their upraised faces, before they’ll stand and listen to one truth. Why? Because truth places an obligation on the hearer.

We’ve a real problem with the lying, two faced Jews. But in the end they’re only a secondary infection of an already sickly host. The bigger problem is “my people”. And I’m not excluding myself either. I’ve got a lot to answer for too.

We need to start praying and fasting as if our lives depend on it because things are going to get ugly for "my people".


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