Wednesday, August 22, 2012

British injewstice

     Baron Harry Woolf, Lord Chief Jewstice of England and Wales

Two British soccer players, one White, one Black, find themselves in court for having their way with some drunken Welsh floozy.  One of them is acquitted - but the other one gets five years.  Guess... which... one...?

This story demonstrates several themes one sees in the so-called justice system in Britain today: 1. Women are not accountable for their stupidity.  2. Blacks are not accountable for their criminality.  3. Criminals are not accountable for their criminality - unless they happen to be middle class White men.  4. The changing testimony of one woman is held to be more reliable than that of five men.  5. "Racism" is the gravest of crimes - but only White racism.  Anti-White racism is seen as the natural and forgivable response to all the years Blacks were slaves in Britain.   Oh wait, Blacks never were slaves in Britain....

Americans really need to wake up and take a closer look at what is going on in Britain, because Britain is used as a testing ground for what the ruling judaeo-masonic cabal has planned for the US:  a satanic jewdicial system.  CCTV cameras on every street and corner.  Race mixing.  A grinding, progressive tax structure that mechanically harasses the middle class even though they are the ones mainly supporting it.

The downtrodden Brits seem to have retreated into a haze of drugs and television in a desperate effort to escape the reality of their claustrophobic little police state.  Things aren't quite so bad here in the US... yet....   But don't be deceived: whatever succeeds for the cabal in Britain soon finds passage to America.


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  1. This is the very thing I've been telling everyone. If you want to see our future, look at the UK.