Friday, August 31, 2012

WW3 - it's going to be worse than bad

J.R. Nyquist (with some additions and editing by yours truly) assembled these prophecies. Though diverse in time, nationality and vocation, the visions carry ominously similar warnings about a latter days epoch of three tremendous wars. The third and last being the "destroyer of nations" in which more people will die - in one day - than in all previous wars combined.


Lucia of Fatima, 1940: “A great chastisement will come over all mankind; not today or tomorrow, but in the second half of the twentieth century. What I announced at LaSalette through the children, Melanie and Maximin, I repeat to you now: humanity has not developed as God desired. Mankind has been sacrilegious and has trampled underfoot the gifts of God.

“A time of very severe trials will come upon the Church. Cardinals will oppose cardinals and bishops will oppose bishops and Satan will walk in their midst. In Rome there will be startling changes. What is rotten will fall, and what falls will not survive. The Church will be obscured, and the world will be thrown into chaos.

“Order no longer reigns anywhere. Satan reigns and directs events. He will sow confusion in the minds of scientists, who will create weapons with which to kill millions of people in only a few minutes; and he will cause these weapons to be produced in great numbers.

“If mankind continues to assent to evil, I will be obliged to let My Son’s arm fall. God will then visit His justice upon men. He will punish man more severely than He did with the Great Flood - the mighty along with the lowly.

“A terrible war will come in the second half of the twentieth century. Fire and smoke will fall from heaven. The waters of the ocean will rise to immense heights and turn to foam. Millions will die from hour to hour. Those who survive will envy the dead. Distress, misery and desolation will be everywhere.

“The time is drawing near and the abyss widens beyond hope. There will be no escape: the good will perish with the wicked, the great with the lowly, the princes of the Church with the faithful, the rulers of the nations with their people. Death will be everywhere, raised to triumph by erring men, the helpers of Satan, who imagine themselves masters of the earth. These evils will come suddenly - at a time when no one expects them. Nevertheless they will come as punishment and in accordance with God’s justice.

“The time of times approaches. The end of ends if men do not repent and convert. This conversion must also include the rulers of the world and the Church. Woe, and greater woe, to men because they refuse to repent and convert.

"Afterwards, those who survive will repent. They will call upon God and submit to His Will and become true followers of my Son. I will gather them to me and become their intercessor and mankind will enjoy a period of peace."

Edward Korkowski, 1983: "Don't be fooled, the Eastern Bloc will feign peaceful compliance: with the opening and shifting of borders, with pact dissolutions or pretended suggestions of neutrality. Then, when you are factored out of Western protection, they will attack you just like unprotected game."

Fatima prophecy, 1917: "Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer and various nations will be annihilated."

Alois Irlmaier, Bavaria, 1950: "The Russians do not stop anywhere while running in their three wedges. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhr district, where the many furnaces and chimneys are.... It will be after a confusion in the Balkans."

Josef Stockert, Munich, 1947: "These tanks will come from the east and will drive with great speed to the west.... The tank troops of the Russians will come up to the Rhine."

Anonymous, Metz, (1872): "A terrible war will ensue. the enemy will come from the east like a flood. In the evening they will call "Peace, Peace", but the next day they will be at our doors. There will be an early and beautiful spring in the year in which the war will start. The cows will walk through opulent grass in the meadows in April. Wheat can be harvested, but oats not any more. The conflict, in which one half the world will oppose the other half, will not be of long duration. God will scare the warring factions by producing a terrible natural catastrophe."

Erna Stieglitz, Augsburg, 1975: "At the end of July Russian attack wedges will rapidly advance against Western Europe."

Brother Adam, Wuerzburg, 1949: "At the same time sections of the Russian army will advance by West Prussia, Saxonia and Thuringia to the Rhine, in order to reach Calais and gain control of the channel coast."

Wladyslaw Biernacki, Poland, 1984: "Next, the Russian Army will strike against western Germany, exactly up to the French border."

Anton Johanson, Scandinavia, 1907: "The assault from the east will (as predicted) happen on a wide front between northern Scandinavia, Germany and northern Italy.... Germany will be attacked from the east."

Fra Giorgio Maria da Terni, Italy, 1971: "Austria and western Germany will be occupied by troops escorted by Russian tanks."

A Sister of Queen Brigitte Order, Rome (published in 1970): "The Third World War will begin a few days after the murder of a leader in the region of Yugoslavia-Hungary."

Brandt, Germany 1962: "I saw Russian tanks roll into Rottenburg Am Neckar. It was a misty and cloudy day."

Wessel Dietrich Eilert - also known as Old Jasper - Germany, 1833: "From the east this war will break out. I am frightened of the east. This war will break out very fast."

Abbe Curique, 1872: "A terrible war will follow. The enemy will approach from the east like a flood."

Johann Peter Knopp von Ehrenburg, Germany (1714-1794): "The year before the war will be a good year, followed by three bad years full of misery and suffering.... The war will come when no one expects it; and it will be a war like none ever seen; but it will not last long."

Part Two - more detailed visions:

Testament of a fleeing pope, 1701: Europe will be afflicted by horrible punishments when the Papal chair is empty. Wickedness, spitefulness and slander will enflame a small nation, which will light the fuse by killing a prince. Seven realms will rise against the bird with two heads and the bird with one head. In east and west a great war will destroy many humans. Famine, epidemics and plague will cause more victims than the war. The time will come, when you can neither buy nor sell. Bread will be assigned and marked. The seas will be the color of blood.... Carriages will drive without horses. Fiery dragons will fly through the air and belch fire and sulfur, destroying cities and villages. The victor wears a cross on his breast; and between the seven cities with the seven towers the decisive battle takes place. There is a crucifix between two lime trees. The war will begin when the ears of corn are lean, but reach its highest point when the cherry trees flower a second time."

Spielbaehn, 1722: "A small nation will arise and bring war into the world. When they build a bridge across the Rhine River near Mondorf, it would be advisable to be among the first to cross over it to the other side. A great barbarian country will fall. With it will fall many false prophets. Many foreign people will be killed here. Poison will fall like rain upon the fields, which will bring great hunger into Germany. Finally, a foreign king will rise and win victory for the just cause. The surviving enemies will flee as far as the birch tree country; there the last battle will be decided for the good cause. Those who have been hiding in the mountains will return to plant the fields. Those brothers who survive the war will return from abroad with their children and they will live again in peace at home. It will be a good and happy time."

Egger Gilge, Austria (1663-1735): "At a time when all the people read and write and schools look like palaces, faith will decline. When the priest says mass facing the people, know that the time is near. Spiritual and temporal rulers will be eating from the same bowl (i.e. making common cause), then the red-skirted ones will come and it will be terrible."

Brother Adam, Wuerzburg, 1949: "The war will break out in the southeast, but that is only a ruse. Thus the opposition is to be misled; Russia long prepared its plan of attack. Each Russian officer has the movement order already in the bag and waits only for the word. First, the main thrust is effected against Sweden and is directed then against Norway and Denmark."

[A little further on it says:]

"At the same time sections of the Russian army will advance by West Prussia, Saxonia and Thuringia to the Rhine, in order to gain control of Calais and the Channel coast. In the south the Russian army will join the Yugoslav army. Their armies will confederate to break in to Greece and Italy. The Holy Father must flee. He must flee fast, in order to escape the blood bath. Cardinals fall and bishops too are victims. Then they will try to advance by Spain and France to the Atlantic coast in order to unite with the army fighting in the north and to complete the military encirclement of the European mainland. The third Russian army, whose task will be to occupy the left blank areas and to strengthen inland communism  (the head office of the communist world government won't be Moscow, but Bamberg) will be used no more, because the army is disturbed in its advance due to the revolutions in the south and is in rapid dissolution, while a great monarch determined by God will attack the army in the north at the Niederrhein and overpower it with the most modern weapons.

"In Saxonia, where the retreating army turns again to do battle, it will be attacked and destroyed. Thus the war shall end in Germany. The remainder of Russia's staggering armies will be pursued deep into Russia and wiped out."

Sister Elena Aiello Italy, (1895 - 1961) "...another terrible war will come from the east to the west. Russia with secret weapons will battle America and will overrun Europe. The Rhine will be overflowing with corpses and blood. Italy will also be harassed by a great revolution, and the Pope will suffer terribly."

Andreas Rill, Germany, 1914: (Prophecies known as "Feldpostbriefe" - field dispatches): "And finally Russia will attack Germany.... By the third happening (the Third World War) Russia will invade Germany in the south precisely up to Chiemgau; and the mountains will be on fire. The Russians will leave behind all their munitions. Up to the Danube and Inn everything is razed to the ground and destroyed. The rivers are all so shallow that one will not need a bridge to cross them - beginning with the Isar. The people won't want to suffer misery, but there will be only misery and suffering. The wicked will fall like snowflakes in a winter storm and die. In Russia the ruling elite are destroyed. Their corpses are not buried and remain lying on the ground. Hunger and destruction will be (Russia's) punishment for its crimes.... The religion (Russian Orthodoxy) will be cleared out and cleaned up. The Church (Catholic) will gain the victory."

Alois Irlmaier, Bavaria, 1950: "Everyone thinks peace! Shalom! Then it will happen - a new Middle East war suddenly flares up. Naval forces face off in the Mediterranean - the situation is strained. But the real spark is lit in the Balkans. I see an important man falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him - then blow upon blow.

The war begins at sunrise. The farmers sit in the pub playing cards when the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors. An army comes from the east. Everything occurs very rapidly. Massed units march from the east into Belgrade and move forward to Italy. Thereafter three armored wedges advance with lightning speed north of the Danube towards the Rhine. This will occur so quickly that the panicked population flees to the west. Many cars clog the roads. Everything that's an obstacle for the rapidly advancing tanks on highspeed-motorways and other motorways will be crushed.... The Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air.... Immediately the counterattack comes from across the large water. The yellow dragon invades Alaska and Canada, but doesn't get far. The "Great City" (of the United States) will be destroyed and the West Coast will be invaded by Asians, but they will be beaten back....

"Airplanes drop a yellow dust in a line from the Black Sea to the North Sea. Thus a death strip is created, as wide as half of Bavaria. In this zone no more grass grows, let alone humans live. Whoever inhales the dust gets a cramp and dies. Do not open the windows, cover them completely with black paper. All open-standing water becomes poisonous and also all unsealed meals. After 72 hours everything is over, but until then do not go out of the house, and do not look out your windows. Keep the candles burning and pray. Overnight more will die than in the two world wars that went before.

The Russian supply is interrupted.... But then I see an airplane coming from the east, that drops something into the large water, so that something amazing will happen. The water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down, then everything is inundated. There is an earthquake and half of England sinks into the sea.

The Third World War will certainly come, but I cannot see the year. It will be preceded by signs in the skies which will be seen by millions of people. It will begin on a rainy night, shortly before harvest time, when the ears are full. It will begin after the assassination of an eminent politician in Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia."

Josef Kugelbeer - The Seer of Vorarlberg, 1922: "Overnight a revolution of communists and national socialists starts. There is a storm over cloisters and clergymen. At first humans do not want to believe it, so unexpectedly will it happen. Many will be imprisoned and executed. Everyone flees into the mountains. The Pfaender (Mountain) is full of people.... Like lightning from a cheerful sky the revolution of Russia sweeps through first to Germany, then to France, Italy and England. The mischief will come quite suddenly from Russia. Everywhere tumults and destruction. The Rhineland will be devastated by airplanes and invading armies.

"There will be mass famine and hunger, people will grind bark, to make flour.  Even the grass on the meadows will be eaten.

"There will be revolts. Many will be locked up and executed. Others will escape to the mountains. Paris will be destroyed by fire. Marseille will sink into an abyss which forms around the city. There will be a great plague. Large black marks appear on the arms. Sulfurous steam fills everything, as if all of hell has been released.

"A cross appears in the sky. This is the end of the darkness. The earth is a vast cemetery. Humans come out quietly, frightened, from their houses. The corpses are collected on wagons and buried in mass graves. Neither railways nor cars nor ships function. The roads and factories are empty. The fast pace of former times  is no more."

Josef Stockert , 1947: "Army tanks will roll over Germany. These tanks come from the east and will drive with great speed to the west. Where obstacles are put in their way, they flatten everything to the ground. In three spearheads they attack the west, along the North Sea, to Central Germany and in the south along the alps. Because of fear the people will flee to the west. In France the roads will be clogged by fleeing people and cars - which cannot go forward and cannot go back. Men and women are used by the hostile army. Those who refuse [orders] are shot.... Food and everything that the hostile army needs is taken from the population. The tank troops of the Russians will come up to the Rhine. The whole country will be full of strange soldiers who murder and rape women without check. The people will possess neither property nor anything else. Many won't have a house and will have to live in hiding places. Thus I saw the death angels flying and emptying their poison bowls over the entire mankind. Whole nations will die.  Two thirds of mankind, abandoned by their new gods will die.... But afterwards will be a fruitful peacetime."

Prokop, the forest herdsman, Zwiesel (1887-1965): "I sleep and sleep not when I lie in my hut at night, but I see frightening things. I don't sleep because I can hear my bulls out there and I hear the wind and the rain. Once I saw the wind bringing fire and all the trees burning like matches. Another time I saw everything in decay, no humans and no houses, only ruins and debris. And again and again clouds come, fire-red and flashing, but without thunder."
"Once I saw that everything was dark down on Waldhaus Street (a road near Zwiesel, Germany) and someone was going around with a burning branch shouting, 'Am I the last one? Am I really the only one?' And I saw the sky - yellow like a lemon and hanging far down on the horizon. No birds sang. I could not find any bull or water anymore... neither on the mountain nor down in the Regen (a river near Zwiesel, Germany). Not a drop. It has to come in such a way because people believe in nothing anymore. Everyone seems to think they will live forever; and everybody thinks of what they appear to be, and can still become. There will come a time when people begin to go crazy - thinking they can live by shrewdness and not by working. Those who work will become fewer and fewer; and those who live off those who work will become more numerous. To rule is thus easier than to work."

Sepp Wudy, the farmer's farmhand, 1905-14: "As Sepp was called up to war (World War I) he said he wouldn't come back because he was to die in ice and snow. As it happened, he perished during the world war in the Dolomites.

"This is not the last war (the First World War), Sepp said, because before long there will be another, and then a last one comes. This last one is more terrible than the others. To know what it will be like at the time, you will be able to talk to your cousin in Vienna from your own house; and if you needed him rapidly he could be with you in one hour.

"The Bohemian forest will one day be burned like a straw barn. Don't run away when the gray birds are flying. If you see this, know that the end is near and in fact it has already begun. Things will then be like one hundred years ago. The people are thrown back and punished with this because of their immorality.

"You have the meal in front of you and are not allowed to eat it, because it brings you death; and you have the water but may not drink it, because it would also cause your death. From the Osser (a mountain at the Bavarian-Bohemian boundary) there will still be a water source, there you can drink. The air corrodes into the skin like a poison. Put on all the clothing you have and don't let even the tip of your nose remain uncovered. Place yourself into a hole and wait till it is all over. It will not last long. Or look for a cave in the mountains. When you lose your hair it has gotten you. Take a Kronwittbirl (Juniper fruit) into the mouth. This will help. And don't drink milk for at least eight weeks.

"It will be bad, and the later-born ones will have to learn writing and reading anew. The cause will be that the people do not recognize the devil anymore, because he is dressed beautifully and promises everything to them.

"When no owl cries any more and the hares come to the house and collapse, then go away from the water and don't mow grass. In these times there will be no border with Bavaria, but where the border will be I do not know." (Wudy lived in Bohemia, few miles away from the border to Bavaria. This border doesn't exist anymore since the Czechs joined the European Union.)

"However, what do I say? It does not concern you - but tell it to your children and grandchildren. They will have to face it and will experience the rest of the story. I also do not understand those that have no modesty at all. People will become increasingly base and godless, so things must come to a head. In the end Europe will be like it was one hundred years ago. I see even more, but I don't understand it and can't tell it.

With the decline of faith everything goes downhill, and everything gets confused. Nobody sees clearly. The great ones believe nothing at all and the masses will be made crazy. In the church they will play dance music and the priest will sing to it and people will dance; but outside there will be a celestial sign that announces the beginning of great trouble. There will be a brightness in the north, like never seen before, and then the fire will rise up all around.

"Go to Bavaria, where the Blessed Virgin Mary protects the people; but there too all will be chaotic.
Everything will come like Stormberger has told; but he didn't tell everything or else they didn't understand him because it will be worse than bad." (Stormberger was another seer who lived about 100 years before Wudy in the same region. His predictions are still known there.)

"Farmer, tell this to your children: they should run to the mountain when everything crashes. I'm only a farmhand and I don't know if it's a good or bad spirit which is showing me all these things. But I know it will happen."

Josef Naar, called "Fuhrmannl", Bohemia (1691-1763): "Only a few humans will survive the great war. The area of Pilsen will figure in the outcome. Who isn't at least two miles distant from this place, should creep away on hands and knees because everything is destroyed - body and soul. The signs of the great world war are these: when the way to the forest is closed with barriers and wooden locks; when iron roads are built by the forest of Bohemia and around; and humans travel in fiery carts. The last "flying" road will be built near Kubani mountain, (1362m high). In the houses the foxes and hares go in and out the windows, everywhere nettles grow. The city of Prague will be destroyed. The whole of Bohemia will be deserted. From afar people will come back to look around."

Wessel Dietrich Eilert - also known as Old Jasper - (1764-1833): "In the evening one will say: Peace, peace. But there is no peace, and in the morning the enemies already stand before the doors. But it does not last long, and those will be in security who have found a good hiding place for only a few days. Also, the escape will be very rapid. From the east this war will break out. I am frightened of the east. Our soldiers will at first go to the borders, soon thereafter returning home calmly. But hardly are they back home when the enemy arrives in great strength; as if they grew like mushrooms out of the ground.

"One battle will take place at the birch tree between Unna, Hamm and Werl (cities in Germany) There nations from over half the world will face each other. Only a few Russians will get back home to tell of their defeat.... First the Polish will come over, then they will fight against their suppressors and finally get a king.

"An important battle will be fought between Unna and Hamm. One has to throw wagons and wheels in the water, otherwise the fleeing enemies take it all with them. The battle, the defeat and the retreat will follow so rapidly one after another, that the one who can hide himself for only a short time will escape the danger. At Cologne the last battle will take place."

Johann Peter Knopp von Ehrenberg (1714-1794): "Ships without horses come up the Rhine, carriages run without horses but with a buzzing sound. Then, when nobody expects it, there will be a war like there has never been before. Foreigners will occupy the Rhine, but will be defeated after hard fighting. When the bridge at Cologne will be finished, soldiers will pass over it. Those who are requested as reinforcements will come when everything is past."

Matthias Stormberger, (ca. 1775-1835): "Iron roads will be built and iron monsters will bark though the wilderness. Cars without horses will come, and men will fly through the air like birds. The Catholic faith will almost completely disappear. Priests will be quite badly respected.  They will not earn any respect due to their way of living. There will be few good Christians among the people. The Commandments of God are no longer respected - by the aristocracy as well as by the smallest worker. One will not think the greatest injustice to be a sin. When the Christian faith disappears the love of others will be lost. The poor will not be given their rights and will be less respected than dogs. After this a trouble will arise that will be much regretted. There will be no order among the people.

"When on the outskirts of the (Bohemian) forest the iron road is finished, and an iron beast seen, a war will begin that will last twice two years. It will be fought with iron fortresses that move without horses. Two or three decades after this war will come a second war, larger still. Almost all the nations of the world will be involved. Millions will die, without being soldiers. Fire will fall from the sky and great cities will be destroyed.

"After the second great war will come a third world conflagration. It will determine everything. There will be weapons totally new. In one day more men will die than in the previous wars. The battles will be fought with artificial weapons. Gigantic catastrophes will happen. With open eyes, the nations of the world will go through these catastrophes. People won't know what is happening. Those who do know, and tell, will be silenced. Everything will be different from before, and in many places the earth will be a great cemetery. The third war will be the end of many nations. You, my children, won't see any of this, you, my grandchildren, won't experience it either, but the third stock, they will easily experience it.

"Overnight it will happen: in a pub in Zwiesel many people will be together, and outside the soldiers will ride over the bridge. The people will run out to the forest. Those who hide themselves at the Fuchsenriegel or the Falkenstein (mountains) will be spared. Whoever survives must have an iron will. The people become ill and no one can help them.... But it is still a long time until it happens. No one will know anymore, where Zwiesel and Rabenstein (German towns) were. It will be horrible. However, after these disasters charity will be renewed; and those who survive will see a time of hope."

Muehlhiasl from Apoig, 1753? - 1830? (Muehlhiasl and Matthias Stormberger could be the same person, though historians are uncertain):

"Everything starts when a large bird or a fish flies over the forest, [a Zeppelin flew over the Bavarian forest just before the First World War.] then the war comes, then another one; and then the last one will come. When does it come?

"Your children will not experience it, but your grandchildren may see the beginnings.... A great war will come. A small one begins it, and a big one comes across the water and makes an end to it. The war will come from the east and will end in the west, [but] the last war will be the total destroyer. When you cannot understand the people you meet, it is not far to the terrible day.

"Humans have never seen so many fires and felt so much iron before. Everything will be in disorder. Those who survive must have an iron determination. But the fighting will not last long. Nothing will help those involved, even if they believed again and prayed to God. They will become ill and no one will be able to help them. It will not last long. It will all happen so rapidly that nobody will believe it. It will happen so rapidly that one who has two loaves of bread under his arm and drops one of them, will not need to bend down to pick it up because one loaf will be enough. The war will not be over until the death birds stop flying. Afterwards, when you find a cow beside the Danube it should be given a golden bell.

"Those who begin anew will build a church and praise God. Those who survive will say to each other "Brother, are you still living?" and greet one another saying, "Jesus Christ be praised!" This will not only be with us, but over the whole world. Right will become right again and peace will govern for many years."

Anton Johansson, Sweden (1858-1909): [Well known for predicting the sinking of the Titanic and naming one of its victims, millionaire John Jacob Astor VI. Johansson foresaw the events of World War I, accurately predicted San Francisco's earthquake of 1906 and a volcanic eruption in 1902 that demolished the city of St. Pierre, Mertinique. He said the Third World War would break out at "the end of July, beginning of August." He further added: "I do not know the year."

Johansson predicted the following details:

1) India will be occupied by China.

2) New diseases used as weapons will cause 25 million people to die.

3) Persia and Turkey will be conquered by what seem to be Russian troops.

4) Revolutionaries will instigate unrest and war in India and Egypt to facilitate the occupation of India and Europe.

5) The Russians will conquer the Balkans.

6) There will be great destruction in Italy.

7) The "red storm" will approach France through Hungary, Austria, northern Italy and Switzerland. France will be conquered from inside and outside.

8) American supply depots will fall into Russian hands.

9) Germany will be attacked from the east.

10) There will be a civil war, Germans will fight against Germans.

11) The Eastern Bloc will cause a civil war in England.

12) Russia will lead a mass attack against the United States, so U.S. forces will be prevented from reinforcing Europe.

13) New weapons will cause huge hurricanes and firestorms in the USA where the largest cities will be destroyed.

Mitar Tarabic (1829-1899): "When this horrible war starts woe to those armies that fly through the skies. Better off will be those who fight on ground and water. People waging this war will have their scientists who will invent different and strange cannon-balls. When they explode, these cannon-balls, instead of killing, will cast a spell over all that lives; people, armies and livestock. This spell will make them sleep, and sleep they will instead of fighting, and after they will come back to their senses. We [Serbia] will not fight in this war, but others will do battle over our heads. Burning people will fall from the sky over Pozega [a town in Serbia]. Only one country at the end of the world, surrounded by great seas, as big as our Europe [Australia?], will live in peace, without any troubles.... Upon it or over it not a single canon-ball will explode! Those who run and hide in the mountains with three crosses will find shelter and will be saved to live afterwards in abundance, happiness and love, because there will be no more wars."

The monk of Werl, Cologne, 1801: "There will be a terrible war; on one side will be the people who live where the sun rises, on the other all those who live where the sun sets. Russia will send out enormous masses of soldiers and Cossack cavalry. One will fight a long time without decisive result, until finally one comes to the country of the Rhine. There, one will fight so much during three days that the water of the Rhine will be reddened. This war will come when there is general contempt for religion. When nobody wants to obey any more, when one cannot distinguish the rich person from the poor, when the people give up themselves entirely to sensual pleasures, when iniquity reaches its climax know that the time is close. What follows this battle? Peace will return to Germany; France will regain its king; The Shepherd will bring the flock to its fold."

The "Blind young man from Prague" (14th century): These predictions are remarkable, describing the history of Bohemia from the First World War onward.

1) One and one more and a half time there will be foreign rulers over Bohemia.

2) At a time when one ruler is over Bohemia for more than 60 years, a big war will start after a regicide.

3) Then, the crowned heads (of Europe) will fall like ripe apples from the trees.

4) The Bohemian Lion will rule himself and won't be subordinated any more.

5) Two peoples will be in Bohemia.

6) The first (or ruling) people will persecute second people, and give them no freedom.

7) Until a powerful one comes.

8) Then, the lords in Prague will throw freedom to the second people, but too late.

9) There will come another war between all the peoples of the world.

10) Germany will become a large heap of rubble and only the region of the blue stones (the Alps) will be spared.

11) The big war will come to an end when the cherries blossom.

12) As long as the cherries grow, I wouldn't want to be a German.

13) But when the cherries are harvested, I wouldn't want to be a Czech.

14) Twice the Bohemian land will be sieved: the first time only as many Germans will remain as there is place under an oak.

15) Again the Czech Lion will rule over Bohemia, but it's brilliance is over.

16) Then there will be only one people in Bohemia.

17) A new war will break out and this will be the shortest of all. (a) The people will destroy the world and the world will destroy the people. (b) And Bavaria has to suffer much. (c) This happens because mankind will abandon God, and God will purge them. (d) When people attempt to take The Creator's place the end is near.

18) The people in Bohemia will be destroyed by the war, and everything in the country will be ruined.

19) Twice the Bohemian land will be sieved: the second time only as many Czechs will remain as there is space on one hand.

20) There won't be peace in Europe until Prague is a heap of rubble.

23) The revenge comes from across the large water.

21) At the time of the cherry blossoms Prague will be destroyed.

24) When for the second time the cherries mature, the refugees from Bohemia sadly return again to their their looms and fields.

25) But there won't be many.

26) And these few will ask each other: "Where did you hide?" and "Where were you?"

27) The farmers will crack the whip behind the plow and say, "Here was Prague."

28.) All over the world will be a new age, which will be called the Golden  Age.

The Sybille of Prague (?-1658): "Still your rule lasts, my loved Prague, but you too will face the last hour. Prague, my dear Prague, you will find a rare and terrible end. A breath goes through your lanes, sweet and warm; surprised mankind will feel it. With horribly distorted faces thousands begin to rest and freeze despite the warmth. It comes to the end. Ten musty bells of the last church clang in the air. The slow and muddy tides of the Moldau roll as a terrible hurricane roars across the country, across the city.

Yellow-grey dust and heavy, poisonous clouds take the breath from humans and cattle. The Hradschin is set on fire, in the city the walls burst. Everywhere fire rages. The earth trembles, vibrated by the mighty quake. Deep gaps do open, devouring the dead and the living. The graves open as ransacked by spirit hands, and the skeletons smile with cruel laughter. Everything sinks in the unfathomably black depth.

"From Vyschrad a tremendous fireball comes along, rocks fly through the air and all around blazes a sea of fire. Everything that mankind's diligence has created lies in debris and ash. One can only hear the roar of the storm. Life has gone out. I only see rubble and corpses. Slowly the clouds disappear where once the proud cathedral dome had been. I see a bloody-red fireball. It is over!

Prague, your fate has been fulfilled! Where are your houses, proud city? Why do gloomy tides flood the coasts of a deserted heath? Horrible worms eat body and spirit with frightening effect. Weeds and ruins and a poisonous cloud characterizes the countryside. Is this the harvest of the human seed?"

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