Friday, February 5, 2010

What do you Believe?

This is from Brianakira's site, "What do you Believe". It's a brief and very perceptive examination of Jewry's use of "antisemitism" to further it's agenda.

"One thing I hope that people get from this discussion is the fact that Jews promote hatred of “the Jewish race”. First of all, it’s a basic pillar of Jewish identity. Provoking hatred of Jews, and instilling an awareness amongst Jews of real and imagined hatred of Jews, as a race, is essential to their rulers in keeping the Jewish sheeple from wandering off the reserve. It also helps their corrupt leaders cover up and/or justify their crimes. The hatred serves as either a distraction or an excuse.

Please watch the Israeli documentary “Defamation” to see how this works.

- You’ll see some friendly old Polish men joking around with some Israeli girls — who don’t speak a word of Polish — trying to be nice.

- The girls say to each other, in Hebrew: “They just called us bitches!”

- A Mossad agent rushes over to protect them from ‘the dirty hateful goyim’, and admonishes them for even talking to the evil Poles.

- Then they go off and gossip and spread panic.

- A few hours later, the girls are saying how the Poles called them monkeys.

- It never even crosses their friends’ minds to ask, “What language were they speaking? Do you speak Polish? Did they say ‘Monkey’ in English?” They’ve been conditioned all their lives to welcome hatred, and to invent it where it doesn’t exist. They need to be hated in order to maintain what they have been brainwashed into thinking is their basic identity: “We are The Ones that are Hated because We are Special!”

In another episode, a frustrated hotel night-manager comes and tells them to stop running up and down the halls screaming, because it’s upsetting other hotel guests, who have threatened to leave without paying because of the noise. The Jewish response? They huddle in their rooms as if they’ve been sent to a concentration camp, complaining about ‘antisemites’, talking about how afraid they are the neo-Nazis will come and smash down their doors and get them. They were probably disappointed to get through the night without a pogrom. Certainly their masters in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and New York and Hollywood would like to see a few of them beaten or stabbed or raped. Anything to evoke sympathy and bring in the sheckels.

So why would Jews and their puppet media and puppet “security” services promote or support these hateful Israel Identity morons? Because they serve Jewish interests, by spreading hatred of Jews as “a race”, by consolidating Jewish solidarity, by evoking sympathy for Jews, by distracting people from the real problem of Judaism to the fake problem of genetics; and by polluting Christianity and making Christians look bad to ignorant people who aren’t interested in distinctions; and by providing the Jewish-controlled ‘authorities’ with an excuse to limit freedom of speech and association."

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