Monday, March 16, 2015

A Jew - or not a Jew?

That is the question....

I've noticed a sharp uptick lately in the number of people saying Vladimir Putin is a crypto-Jew.  I've been called many names on YouTube by people who think he's an agent of the JWO.

While I don't regard Putin with the veneration some do, the accusation does seem a bit far fetched.

IMHO he's a Russian nationalist who's awakened somewhat late to the intentions NATO has on Russia's immense oil fields (it always seems to be about the oil fields, doesn't it?)

While he's caused the JWO problems regarding radical feminism, organized faggotry, Syria and Iran; and while he imprisoned some Jew oligarchs and forced others to flee, Putin certainly sat on his hands while the bombing campaign against Libya was being green lighted in the UN. He also ran through a law against "holocaust denial". Not to mention he's ex-KGB.

And Russia has a central bank. Those here may remember what Lenin had to say about Rothschild-ism and central banks.

So, the question in my mind is this: "Is Putin what he seems to be?"

The Jew owned international media clearly is down on him. But the Jew owned media is atheistic. The Zionist Jews on the other hand seem to view Putin in a different, less hostile, light.

The Putin puzzle is hard to sort out.

Is he really a Russian nationalist?

Or is he part Jewish - and playing an assigned role in the JWO?

But wouldn't that be just like the Jews? When all else fails... accuse someone of being a Jew!



  1. Unless Putin goes "off the reservation" to defy the MasterRace banksters, repatriate what the synagogue of Satan has stolen, and punish the Judeo-Communist perpetrators of genocide, he is not to be trusted.

    Until he acts decisively against the synagogue of Satan, he must be assumed to be playing his assigned role.

    1. Someone sent me a link stating Putin has signed an order authorizing a nuclear strike in September against NATA (assuming NATA attacks). So maybe Putin will get his chance next month to strike against the SoS.

    2. Damn, that's NATO...not NATA. No way to edit my own posts in this blog.

  2. Worth a visit:

  3. I do not have the resources to know whether or not Putin is a crypto Judaic (not a Jew) and part of the Synagogue of Satan. But if he can humble the uSA, and help restore the constitutional militias in the uSA, then more power to him. Savior of the world, save Russia.

  4. Russian nationalist tell that his grandmother was jewish and his grandfather was Lenins cook. He certainly doesn't look jewish. He has manufactured image of a tough russian men, how far that is true is also not clear.

    He is confusing because he gives benefits to Jews and on the other hand reduces their power (at least it seems so).

    He is not really pro-russian as he has a lot of mid-eastern immigrants who run rampant in Moscow.

    He actually calls nationalist people Nazis is bringing them into prison.

    My take is that he is under two opposing powers and either one of them takes controls of certain subjects and makes him doing their bidding.

    He has to juggle as he is not a dictator without any groups to regard. Stalin was a much more powerful man and even he had to do the bidding of the Jews (though he killed Trotsky and did other things against Jews).

    Russian are afraid of Jews because they remember the million murders during the reign of communism which killed between 60 to 120 million Rus people.

    Putin's powerbase is the Orthodox Church, a light nationalist base and Jew power. He has to square this triangle.

    I think the modern KGB is more pro russian and thus they send him to the office. He does what he can, but cannot do much.

    Thats my take

  5. Imho -whatever that's worth - the critics who go after Putin with these types of totally unnuanced claims are obvious JINSA-types. Not going into war with NATO over Libya shows his Zionist colors?? No. He's a nationalist - and contrary to apparent belief - there were many nationalists in the KGB at that time (and probably always.. though through the Revolution to the 50's that was probably not true. But it definitely changed.)

    1. I'm thinking the Doctor's Plot and the subsequent purge of Jews from important positions in the Communist apparatus..and what that shows..

    2. Contrary to our general beliefs there are powerful Jews In Russia who are rational citizens of Russia who bring millions of jobs etc and who like Putin, and support him(to a point) . If they play by the rules and respect the law and the Russian people - what good would it do him to just go all in against global Jew interests? Its a delicate process, imo...and we need to recognize Russia"s war to protect her nation's interest is our interest, too..

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