Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Multicultural morons

The multi-culturalist, being a liberal, has so completely subscribed to a nexus of false premises that admitting he or she is wrong is the same as admitting he/she is a total freaking retard. They'd rather be burned at the stake than have to admit that. Also, by spouting their mindless, multicultural mantra they get a lot of favorable attention they'd never get from sitting quietly in their own rooms, minding their own business and instead of trying to reform the world, reforming what's wrong with themselves.


"Offer the Multicult Moron $500 (to walk down the street at night in a certain neighborhood you know about in your city) I can guarantee you he’ll blow you off. Ask him to give you $10 to walk through a mostly White neighborhood. Fuggitaboutit. They all know the deal. Being near blacks risks a bullet to the head or gang-raped, [with] a far less chance in a predominately White part of town...."




  1. I was in a mixed marriage decades ago. He was beautiful and what my heart needed at the time. It was not until a decade and two children later that he began to revert to "the old ways" regarding women and children, and he became a different man. Far from being a big happy mixed family, it was a failure although I got on well with his over achieving sisters and brothers in law.

    It did not last. I also understand much more about the long term goals of integration and know that what I did was foolish. However... I am in the odd position of having raised two exceptionally beautiful and intelligent daughters who are also over achievers and have found that their exotic looks has been a draw although not the foundation of their life long as well as short term acquaintances.

    So I am in the strange position of agreeing with the realization that this is part of an overall plan for us by a race that refuses to mix itself. I can even look back to when it started publically with "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". But I also have, through this, produced two excellent creative assets to the human race. And believe me, one of them works in a field that saves lives with her work.

    So.... I am in a muddle over it. I cannot speak out because I would deny my own offspring. It is a topic I just do not address often at all. I cannot say one thing when I have lived another... That is along the line of puffing a ciggie and telling my kids not to smoke....

  2. Good one, Noor. In the end, everyone's an individual. My reference is to doctrinaire liberal types who refuses to admit he or she could ever possibly be wrong about his/her beliefs.