Saturday, May 26, 2012

The government's newest enemy... you

On duty police officers in a dozen states are protected by "anti-eavesdropping" laws - and if you record or videotape them you could be looking at prison bars for the rest of your natural life.  But the police can record or videotape you with impunity.   As this case shows, states like Illinois are perfectly willing to turn rapists and murderers out from their prison cells in order to make room for you, you miserable eavesdropper. 

The Allison case covered in the video linked to below was tossed out of court by an Illinois judge.  But this won't stop the ruling clique....  No sir!  Next time they'll make sure to have the case brought before a friendlier judge.  See how these hypocrites have cameras everywhere watching the rest of us, but they themselves screech like vampires before a crucifix if we dare to aim one back at them.

It's getting to the point that pretty soon people are going to start taking out cops rather than risk arrest for even minor infractions.  Why not?   You're gonna be sent up for the rest of your life anyway! 


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