Thursday, May 24, 2012

Satan, laughing, spreads his wings

The fag/corporate America merger has now expanded to include Target Stores.  Target has pledged $120,000 USD to the cause of fag "marriage" - as espoused by some group calling itself, The Family Equality Council: 

As always, the deviants never present the real story about their horrific lifestyle: fisting, coprophagia, murder, pederasty, suicide, dying young from AIDS.... This they avoid like the plague.  What you see when the subject of "gay marriage" is presented (at least in the msm, though not here) are pictures of happy homos hugging kids and generally living the dream - when in truth it's a nightmare lifestyle.
I always liked the rock group Queen.  Their music was great and Freddie Mercury was a dynamic stage presence gifted with a phenomenal four octave voice. Thirty five years ago he was healthy, wealthy and handsome - and all the pics at Google show him as such.  What you won't find now, though you could for a while, was one of the last photos ever taken of Freddie.  He was in a wheelchair, gaunt and pale; and his lips, which were big and red to begin with were like tubes of red bologna stitched to his scared looking face.  He looked like a caricature drawn by some fag mocking cartoonist - but it was Freddie's own fag lifestyle that turned him into a mockery of his former self.

The t-shirts Target is selling for the fags are stenciled in rainbow letters with sentiments like, "Harmony... Love is Love... Pride...." But the reality of the homosexual experience is disharmony, self hatred, cowardice and an early grave... the exact opposite.  Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.

Feel free to call Target's corporate offices to explain why you won't be dropping any more Benjamins at their stores unless they repent of this travesty.  The number is 612-304-6073, option 6.



  1. You say it like it is. And as you know, the gay agenda is the Jewish agenda. Find or make someone feel oppressed and then offer them support and marginalize all those who disagree... it is called political correctness by any other term.

    Fortunately, lots of us just hate political correctness... I looked at the stuff Sears was offering in books last week... UGH. I am so glad so far I can avoid all these stores. They have absolutely nothing to offer me.

  2. Y’all are all fucking idiots. Why you scared of gay people? You think if you’re anywhere near one that you’ll have to suck a dick? Perhaps you’re just fucking gay and scared to admit it. Go bash some puppies or seals or some shit, you dumb fuck...and no,stupid,I’m not gay. I just don’t like pussies that bash those they see as weaker. You mother fuckers are weak little pussies