Monday, September 3, 2012

General Dempsey and the snub heard 'round the world

Israel is NOT happy with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey - who, in polite diplomatese, has told Israel to go screw itself. In a nutshell, Dempsey stated that an Israeli attack on Iran would be "premature"; and that Israel has its own military and doesn't need the US for an attack on Iran. Of course, Dempsey didn't say this because he's an American patriot who has God, Mom and apple pie's interests at heart - he doesn't. For the moment he's playing the lightning rod for Obama; saying things the POTUS can't say himself... for fear of the Jews.

Israeli sources are now saying Dempsey is "complicit" (a term Dempsey used himself a few days ago against Israel) in "goading Israel to go it alone" against Iran. Not to mention them calling him a "servant" of Iran....

 Here you can see in clear relief what Jesus meant when He called organized Jewry, "The Synagogue of Satan"  (not forgetting all His other denunciations).  The stench of Zion's hypocrisy sickens the world to this very day.  USrael is the problem - not Iran, which hasn't started a war in around 400 years.  USrael has more NBC weapons than the entire remainder of the world put together. Usrael's been the world's premier bully state over the last 60+ years. Not Syria, not Egypt, not Pakistan, not Libya, not Afghanistan, not Iraq... USrael.

However, it's become apparent that Barack Obama and the president of Israel, "Bibi" Netanyahu, really dislike one another. They're not frenching any more. Why? Who knows at this point. Perhaps BO is trying to chart his own megalomaniacal destiny. But their mutual hostility is causing the Synagogue some angst in its pornographic dream of a Jew World Order.

Of course, as always with Jewry, when A gives them trouble, they move to B. If B gives them trouble they move to C... and so on down the line.  You can see this strategy applied to America's division of powers: the executive, legislative and judicial branches.  If the POTUS, or state governors, won't give them what they want, they go to the legislatures.  If they can't get something through the legislatures, then they legislate from the bench.  But lately they've been having a harder go of things here in the US.  Resistance is rising....

Jewry's MO is much like the ancient Romans: taking their enemies on one at a time and doing all in their power to keep them from uniting against them. "Divide and conquer".  And like the Romans, Jewry has its spies ensconced in all sorts of ingenious places - channeling intel back to The Big Jew and his helpers. Obama, and probably all the heavy hitters in the US government, must feel like they can't fart without the Jews hearing of it - and turning it against them.  Look how much BO has aged over the last four years. He's a man feeling a lot of pressure....

Back to Dempsey.  He wouldn't have gotten where he is without being a reliable compromiser... and, almost certainly, a Freemason. Those who'd like to think of him as something better will be very disappointed when he unleashes his troops on American citizens once the US economy begins imploding for real.


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