Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whom the Gods Would Destroy....

Curt Maynard was a loose cannon in a world of pocket daggers. In his grand finale we learned also that he was a loaded cannon.... Still, his angry fusillades against our age of lies will be sorely missed. Maynard was a good writer and was on to organized Jewry's game like few others. For that reason alone we're in his debt - and will be for a long time - as long as, "It's the Jews, Stupid!" circles the internet. Sadly, his angry obsessions finally overpowered his intelligence and he came to a petty and unworthy end.

His divorce drama spilled noisily on to his blog: the broadside against his *Mexican* lawyer (Mexican lawyer? What were you thinking there, Curt???). Not to mention the pornographic pics of his ex-wife he posted on his blog the day of their divorce. No doubt he got screwed in court and his wife and step-daughter lied their asses off, exactly as he said they did, when testifying against him. Anyone who's ever brought a woman to court understands what liars they turn into as soon as they take the stand. Some kind of genetic aberration there.... Maynard clearly hated his ex and I've no doubt he did the deed as was reported. She screwed with him one time too many.

One wonders, if like Medea, he was aware of his spiral into madness. His final, murderous meltdown was poorly planned and executed - the half sentient impulse of an angry hillbilly with a gun. Certainly not the Curt of old who, right or wrong, would have taken his step-daughter, his wife's lawyer, his lawyer, and possibly the judge, with him to the grave.

Curt was helpful in getting this blog up and running, even though he considered me only "half enlightened". His last blog, "curtmaynardsnewestblog" was effectively shut down when Blogger, in a transparent move to censor him, made it a "members only" affair, then allowed no one to join. Even today, Blogger's parent, Google, lies about the number of hits "curt maynard" gets. They always downplayed his numbers. He knew it and expounded forcefully on the scheme. Behind the scenes there was and still is a lot of negative interest in him.

Maynard left this life as he lived it: angry. No doubt the Furies came to collect him when he arrived on the other side. Still, having in mind the stubborness, passion and vision of his convictions it's impossible, for me at least, not to offer a prayer for the soul of the murderer, attempted murderer and suicide, Curt Maynard.


  1. Curt Maynard was a great writer.
    I wrote on his blog thanking him for his most enlightening article 'It's the jews Stupid'.
    There was nothing like it.
    I was under the impression that it was Curt himself who made his blog "members only". Thanks for opening my eyes on the matter.

    For a while Anthony Hmura's site said that it was by members only.

    After all, the jews own the internet along with all the other media.

  2. I miss him! He was right about a lot of things; and I think he was someone to whom truth did matter.