Saturday, October 26, 2013

Westboro Baptist Synagogue

I've been saying it for a while: the Westboro Baptist Church is being used as an agent provocateur. Obviously, their job is to travel around the country and act like idiots for the cameras - in order to demonize Christians and other anti-fag groups.

At the same time they serve to energize liberals - whose energies are flagging due to their realization that Obama duped them - but who get all amped up again at the antics of WBC.

The Jews (no doubt about that!) who exploit the WBC are the same ones funding NAMBLA, PFLAG and all the other fag groups.

Jewry pushes to get Christian kids to fight and die in wars for Israel, then sends the WBC to protest at their funerals.  And for good measure "anti-Americanism" and anti-faggotry get trotted out. In the reaction, American patriotism and faggotry become bedfellows. Very clever....

The Synagogue of Satan always works each side of the street.  In this case there are numerous sides to the street.

At one time WBC were legitimately anti-fag; but the sweet smell of judenpapier turned them into the comic caricatures they are now.  Hillbillies + $$$ =  1 bizarre chemical reaction.

Now, Margie Phelps, the daughter of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, admits they're actually pro Obama: