Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's official: facts are "antisemitic"

Henry Clifford, 84, is a retired Wall Street financier who lives in Connecticut. Clifford is the chairman of The Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine, a 10-member group dedicated to organizing activities and educational events that advance the cause of peace and justice for both Palestinians and Israelis.

A few days ago Mr. Clifford ignited a controversy when his group placed the following poster at train stations near NYC. The poster is a graphic presentation showing how much Palestinian land Israel has acquired over the last 65 years.  An accompanying headline reads: "4.7 million Palestinians are classified by the U.N. as Refugees.":

Predictably loud, nasal, unisonic whines of "Antisemitism!" and calls for their removal have greeted the posters.  Why?  No insults or slurs were hurled.  No threats were uttered.  And, tellingly,  no convincing arguments contradicting the reality of the posters has been made.  But the same people who yesterday solemnly told us that "Israel is NOT a Jewish state" are today screeching that the posters are "hateful": "Because when people see a map of Israel they think of Jews....".

"Hypocrites" is sometimes too polite a word....

Mr. Clifford remains unapologetic.


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