Friday, April 30, 2010

US Army Training to Invade... America!

We're getting close - very close. All that debt hanging over the US has to collapse sooner or later. The wonder of paper money! Hunger... penury... rage... over ONE HUNDRED MILLION guns in private hands.... The elite know this and it worries them. Thus, they are prepping the US Army to deal with a homegrown insurgency when the day finally arrives. The paramount question facing the elite is this: can the Army be counted on to save their assets?



  1. Alex jones and those damn tea baggers are nothing but bootlickers of jews. They love that idiot sarah palin who is a blind fanatic for everything jew. Palin is most likely a jew herself.
    Yes, I want the army to go after those dman jew loving teabaggers.

  2. It should be obvious that the TP's arent yet in Jewry's pocket - which is why the US Army is training to target them as "terrorists".

  3. I must disagree Citizenfitz.
    Ask any teabagger at random if he supports israhell. What do you think the answer would be?